Friday, July 29, 2011

Checking In Before I Go Overseas

To Canada. Less overseas, and more over-falls, I guess. The Niagara ones.

My supplies for the weekend:

Anyway, just a quick post! I finally got the digitized version of some Super-8 film I shot a year and a half ago or so, on the occasion of Ryan's birthday, 2010. It takes a while to get it in an uploadable, sharable form because 1) A super-8 camera is tough to get a hold of, 2) they are also tough to get in a workable condition, 3) the film is a bit pricey, 4) NOBODY develops the stuff (seriously, there's like one place that still does it, so you have to mail your stuff to them, and hope for the best with the postal system and your priceless film), 5) ALMOST NOBODY can scan the stuff because of the out-of-date format/inconvenience, 6) the scanning process is also an exercise in expense and trust. Anyway, here she is:

I'll be back with more fashion-oriented posts after the weekend!


  1. Wow, so great you got the film developed. super 8 is such a dying art form especially since it's so easy to fake on the iphone...this footage is great and I love the song. I absolutely love super 8...reminds me of the wonder years which brings me back to my childhood. Check out this super 8 wedding...

  2. oh great! ive been looking for a super 8 camera on etsy. what brand and model do you have/recommend?

  3. Very cute! Have so much fun on your trip!

  4. Fun! And niagara falls? Thats, like my backyard (at home)! Well, Buffalo really. But we love niagara falls. We're actually going to spend the day there when we are home in a couple weeks.

  5. that is a beautiful little film! How very brave of you to take it paragliding! But I bet little Super 8 enjoyed it. :) Thank you for sharing!