Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Le Swap # 2



blouse: swapped with holly, shorts: ? had em a loong time, shoes: payless, necklace: grandma's key.

and here is Holly's blouse, the second item for the swappage bundle. I am totally in love with the sheer flowy fabric and muted floral print. It's the perfect spring top, and could really go with anything in this weather. It's so lightweight and easily tuckable and super breathable.

I had a bunch of ideas for this top, and wanted to show the remixes, but it's a pretty busy/ rushing kind of day, so maybe later if not at all. It was already quite the squeeze getting this post in here.

check out Holly's side of the swap here.


  1. I am in love with how your pretty wedges tie up your ankles. It's such a sweet, lovely detail. I love jewelry that's been made by something that belonged to a love one. My mom wears a necklace with a tiger claw that my papi (her grandfather) used to wear. It's so sweet.

  2. super lovely top! and gorgeous shoes!!

  3. You might be the only lady in the world who can pull off fluffy pockets, but you do it, oh so well!

  4. Gorgeous blouse and your hair looks great straightened! xx misstea & co.

  5. Wonderfully chic outfit!

    xoxo mama wolf

  6. Okay, I am seriously in love with this outfit! (Do I say that in every comment? I feel like I do... but that's because I genuinely do love every outfit!) I love the neutral colors and those shorts are too cute!

    - Caroline (keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

  7. I love all of the neutral tones in this outfit and those shoes are the best! I'm really wanting to wear more neutral tones, they are just so pretty!

  8. Love your top and shoes darling. You look super gorgeous. XX