Monday, May 2, 2011

Le Swap # 1







Here is the first installment of clothing items I swapped for a week with Holly of Holly Dolly. The skirt is Holly's, and as soon as I pulled it out of the box I knew it would be a great pattern mixing item, and I set to work picking items to go with it. I came up with two main outfits, and I couldn't decide on one, so I wore both and thought I'd count it as a remix.

I love the mix of colours and patterns- it makes the skirt super versatile, and the pockets are obviously the greatest ever. it also buttons up instead of zips, which is always refreshing.

(striped top: ross, tights: kohls, scarf: made from scrap fabric)
(tiered blouse: ross, cardigan: xi, sandals: forever 21)
(skirt: SWAPPED from HOLLY :) )


  1. U look great!!

    Btw, I have my 1st giveaway in my blog, last day to join!! hope you are interested to join XD

  2. Is it weird that the first thing I noticed about your first set of photos was: OMG THE LIGHTING? Was it all done on Photoshop or thanks for the photography itself?

    Either way, I think both are styled cutely, but I prefer the first for its pattern mixing. :) And oh, I don't know if you noticed, but the second and third seem to be repeats of each other...

    Toast with Charmalade

  3. I agree - that is an amazing skirt! I think I like the second outfit best, but both are so cute. Lovely pairings!

  4. Both outfits are lovely. That skirt is just fab...and so are those mountains in the background. I am a fan of the first set of photos..I love how the skirt looks with that bordeaux red

  5. Charmalade:

    THANK YOU for catching that- i didn't notice. and the only thing I touched up in photoshop was slight lens vignetting, but other than that we just looked for a spot with even light and no direct sunlight.

  6. The first few shoots look so great. Love that it wasn't even photoshopped. And that skirt is so awesome! It really is the perfect skirt to remix. =)

    -Erin (

  7. I love that pattern with the striped shirt. Perfect.

    Ask the Duplex

  8. Oh yay it looks great! I love how you paired it with the striped shirt. It can be difficult to pair stripes with more crazy stripes, but it looks so good!

  9. i love the pattern mixing in the first outfit! pattern mixing genius! + the berry colored accessories. so perfect!

  10. Wow, you totally rocked those patterns! You pulled it off really well - I love it!

    - Caroline (

  11. these outfits are so perfect! both of them!

    Annah xx