Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MY 30 x 30 PICKS

one blazer, one pair o shorts

4 white tops. bold, I know. boring, maybe. but yeah, I picked four. white. tops.

two dresses

six colourful tops

4 cardigans

two trouser types

and five skirts/ five shoes.

well, here I plunge!


  1. Good luck! :( I've heard this is very hard. I was going to do it, but with the weather as it is where I am, I backed out. Don't tell! :P

    Castle Fashion

  2. Love both those dresses and I am a fan of white tops too, so no problem there. Good luck on the remix. This is my first, too.

  3. Do you remember in Gleaners and I where she talks about the man who only wears white? I always thought he was amazing.