Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 was a looong day at school. I TA'd from 8:30- 3:30 pretty much. I have a humongo chunk of papers to grade from all over the place and more in cyberspace...I spent way too much time on this blog today: picking my 30 items, photographing my 30 items, and photoshopping my 30 items. Ryan made really good soup! maybe that will make an appearance.

ANYWAY, so yay for great deals at consignment circuit. My cardigan was something like $6 and my shoes were $4...I think the skirt was an old DI buy but I can't be sure, I've had it a while now.. I thought the pleats went nicely with the crest on the sweater. So, pretty monochromatic for me, but fun I guess. Today was f.r.i.g.i.d. so I might not look too happy in these posts. I am very very ready for spring.

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