Monday, January 24, 2011


geeze I got a lot of catching up to do...It's been super hard to keep up with this daily. My schedule has gotten pretty insane. Over the three day weekend, we went on a trip to Arizona and visited our dear friends Matt and Kristine. We visited their grandparents in Tuscon, saw some ghost towns, explored a living cave, had some Mexican food, and picked up historical documents. It was real fun and the weather was lovely. Coming back to school was pretty hard. I had just added another three credit class ( French and German Urban cinema) and my it feels like my workload has tripled. So, even though I made a serious New Year's goal to document my life and passions in a blog regularly, I think I'll be lucky if I get around to it twice a week. So there it is. The next few posts will be a week's worth of catch ups....yup.

Here are some pictures of the beginning of the roadtrip. We stopped at the Red Barn in Santaquin for some snacks and got apple juice, an ice cream cookie sandwich and some jam for Matt and Kristine.

(The dress is from DI, The boots are from DI, the tights: forevs 21, the cardigan...well, already seen, but target.)

Once we got to Page we were getting tired and hungry and decided to look for a place to stay. Thanks to trip advisor, we found an incredible sushi joint and were rewarded for not shying away from landlocked seafood service. This is The Blue Buddha:

The interior design was unique and amazing and the food was super good.

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