Tuesday, April 13, 2010

engaged and stuff

I guess this would be a good place to keep track of all the wedding planning going on and it might be fun to watch the progress of everything unfold and document it here.
It has been such an incredibly busy year- class from 9-5 on a good day and work all night. Ryan and I eat together and go to bed and watch the occasional movie. In spite of being too busy to do really do anything anymore, I was reminded by my cousin to enjoy my engagement while it lasts. We were all at Moab as a family and Andrea was looking at my ring for the first time and her face just lit up and she asked if I was excited. My first response was almost that excitement was buried underneath piles and piles of homework, a restless feeling at being too bust all the time, and anxiety about doing well enough in school and planning my wedding right- but I figured that was a pretty pessimistic attitude so I said yes through a strained smile. She looked so happy and started reminiscing about when she and Eric were engaged and said it was so fun.
That made me think. I had been looking at this semester like it was some sort of probationary stage- like a strained waiting period- like a " this is a really realy long time to wait and I feel really stagnant and I can't wait until this is over" kind of feeling. I want to try and enjoy this period of my life for and take it for what it is. I am engaged, and I'll only be engaged once. Ryan is the perfect fiancé and best friend and I am more in love with him every day. We make the most of our limited time toegther and planning our future together is fun.

so here are some pictures and i'll try and keep this updated more....

we are at the cabin in Midway, the morning after Ryan proposed in the attic- the place he first kissed me:

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