Friday, October 16, 2009

So today I made the heinous mistake of thinking the sandwiches at the BYU bookstore would be tolerable and worth my hard earned money. I mean they're advertised in such a good light- they sound like a good deal compared to everything else in the store,topped with the french wannabe mantra on front of their "go green(!)" themed packaging: preparé frais....

puh lease.

okay, okay, there's nothing wrong with saying that your products are prepared fresh, but when you boast such a statement (and in cursive french) forgive me if I'm wrong, but the consumer expects a certain level of quality. So here I am thinking... "hm. I am hungry. rather hungry, actually, and I have a long day of school and work ahead of me. This freshly prepared sandwich with pepperjack cheese, ham, and some sort of cheese topped bread doesn't sound half bad. Besides, I should branch out more and see what else this university has to offer me....foodwise...."

So I sit down to eat this sandwich, and upon removing it from the packaging I realise that the entire bottom half of the sandwich is super soggy. Like imagine if someone just let crappy bread sit in a puddle of water...or mayonnaise. It was like that-a slimy, squishy, unrecogniseable-as-bread texture. In short, nasty as h-word and there was no way I could force myself to touch or smell that part of the sandwich, let alone put it anywhere near my mouth. my first reaction was to chuck the offensive mess in the bin to my right. I had forked over just under four dollars for this food though, and my pride wasn't willing to let BYU take my money and leave with me with nothing like so many other instances. So I salvaged the top piece of bread, broke it in half, and relocated the contents. Bite. grimace. The bread was weird and plasticky. The cheese was rubbery and tasted like how bad cheese smells. The lettuce was wilted and slighly soggy and and the ham was watery and did not taste good. I endured three more bites to satiate my hunger pangs and finally relinquished my pride streak by depositing it in that place where trash grows.

How is it that we are only offered terrible food? There are a couple more than tolerable items, but eating those every day for a year eventually makes them just as intolerable. It cannot be that much more expensive to provide better quality food, food that actually is fresh, or at least a broader selection of good produce. Besides, they charge us an obscene amount now for items that lack quality. I understand the argument that no one is forcing anyone to eat at the when you're on campus everyday from 9am-10pm it isn't always possible to provide your own meals during campus hours. I don't know if it's just a matter of students having a general lackadaisical attitude toward their food selections, or if people are dissatisfied but they don't think they can make a difference, but SOMEthing has got to change.

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