Thursday, February 12, 2015

Alice in Valentinesland




Happy Valentine's Holidaytimes<3 It's not really in my top 5 favorite holidays, but it IS my half birthday,
and who doesn't love the excuse to dress up and get a little extra fancy? I found this dress for cheap in
a thrift store a very long while ago and always meant to fix it up a little to sell it, but it's one of those
things I never got around to before moving. The white skirt is so old it's yellowing and browning around the
edges, and the velvet appliqués are slowly peeling off. It's the type of dress that's perfect for photoshoots
or certain dressup occasions, but I probably wouldn't wear it out on a normal day running errands. The dress
immediately popped into my head as I looked across the room at my parasol though, because the appliqué
shape and hue match the pattern on the rice paper quite well- and an idea was born.

I liked the idea of sort of meshing Alice, the Queen of Hearts, and the animated playing cards from the classic
imagery in Alice in Wonderland. I chose items around my place that were red and white, hearts, patterns, etc.
I like how doll-like and coquettish this dress feels- especially with the velvet accents and worn with black
mary janes. I'm already kicking myself for not thinking to tie a tiny 'eat me' label on my giant Japanese Kit Kat bar.





Happy Valentine's Day! If there's anything this Holiday has taught me, it's GET RID of expectations and TREAT YOSELF.


  1. So cute and creative, I love this photo shoot! The blue background really pops against the red and white. That kit kat looks delicious, too. I love the green tea ones!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    -Leah M.

  2. These are pure cuteness! And this backdrop seems to be working for a lot of things!

  3. I love this so much. v-day is such a weird day. but at least I will get to eat tons of candy.

  4. Omg, I made a post that was called "treat yo'self"
    in response to Valentine's day as well,
    but mine was a bit of a rant lol. I agree tho! Lovely shots :]

  5. I love this! Did you set this up at home?! Amazing. I hope you're on the mend, and have a very lovely snot-free Valentine's! x

  6. This is adorable. love love love

  7. I love your shoots. They are always so creative and unique. I love the hearts on your face! Hope you had a great day! :)