Monday, January 26, 2015

Pokemon Cafe!




I've been so so grateful lately for the way instagram and blogging make finding friends here so much easier, especially after big moves to
'foreign' places. I already have a handful of wonderful girls I've met from all over the world who are living here in Tokyo as well, and it's
amazing how much we all have in common.

One thing I'm super stoked about is meeting girls who are just as nerdy and into video games and fun shows as I am, but also have great taste
in fashion, lifestyle, and hobbies that are also very similar to mine. When Ashley mentioned a pop-up pikachu cafe I got so excited and knew it
would be so fun to go together. We invited another blogging friend, Siobhan, and we all had so much fun geeking out over the decorations props,
and food, and talking about the good old days, playing the pokemon gameboy game and watching the TV show.




The food was all so. cute. and perfectly themed. It was mostly pikachu which was totally fine with me. We each got a different menu item
and it was fun to see how they all turned out. It really was all too cute to eat, and not half bad tasting either once we got over that hurdle. My
favourite part was when they brought out my drink ( which reminded me so much of the vending machine drinks you buy at the top of Celadon City Mall)
and the waitress brought a noisemaker that made the 'wild pokemon appeared sound.' I was almost excited enough to cry. It was just too much.





Such a fun time! I already want to relive it again and again. Love these ladies and the fun we have together, and really loving Japan right now
for its epic ways of enjoying things and attention to detail. It's too bad I only had my phone- these crappy photos don't do the atmosphere justice,
but I veeeery rarely lug my dslr around these days, and it's shutter life is puttered out, so it's very unreliable lately anyway. I'm glad to have
the memories recorded, at any rate!

from Japan,


  1. I LOVE themed cafes. It was my favorite part about living in Asia. This one is adorable!! Also, I am really happy you've had success in meeting people online, it's always more fun to explore cute places like this with friends.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  2. Oh my godddd that is so cute and amazing, I'm so jealous! Were the plushies in these pics just part of the cafe decor, or did you guys bring some along?

  3. Omg this looks like so much fun. I love the Pikachu food faces smiling up from your plates! :)

  4. This is the cutest EVER!
    And yay Siobhan, I met her when I visited last November and she is awesome (plus isn't her accent great?) XD


  5. Hello, Kathryn! Your photo of super cute Pikachus attracted me on bloglovin'.

    It's impressive that the foods are very delicious in the cafe.
    I entered a temporary Pokemon cafe in the event in Tokyo last year and enjoyed it very much.
    Hope you enjoy it on my blog post!

    my blog post about Pikachu cafe (on Blogger)

  6. Omg I am so jealous! I saw all these pictures on instagram and almost died. I hope I can go to one someday!


  7. omg how insanely adorable! :)

  8. Ohmy! How cute, and love your face while drinking your pikachu drink :) We weren't on any themed restaurant while we visited Tokyo, but definitely adding for "next time" :) I've also seen online some pictures of an Alice in Wonderland one which has caught my eye :)