Monday, October 20, 2014

Ghosts of Halloweens Past





Being in Japan during October has made me feel super nostalgic for the kind of Halloween I'm used to celebrating. It's my favourite holiday, and I've always gone all out with filling up the month with movies, music, decorations, treats, activities, and outfits to get in the mood and relish the spooky halloweeny vibes. This will be my first year with no trip to a pumpkin patch, and maybe my first time not carving a pumpkin if we can't find one- and the total lack of candy corn has really been getting me down.

All those fun traditional October things like farm fall festivals, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, carving parties, spook alleys, new england historic cemeteries with perfectly gothic mausoleums and headstones, and treats like apple cider donuts and brach's candy corn and pumpkins are nonexistent here. They do have a lot of their own kind of halloween treats, trying to get into the holiday, but I've noticed it's mostly just the wrappers and packaging that have orange and black or ghosts and pumpkins, and once you open the product, it's just the same inside as always.

Anyway, usually I'm super productive and inspired during October. Last year I was busy all month, making, creating, crafting, baking, cooking, experimenting, photoshooting, decorating, etc. I felt so inspired by my surroundings- the fall and halloween vibes in new york are great- and I had a new idea almost every day. There are plenty of factors why I'm nowhere near as productive this time around- I've moved to a new place- I don't know anyone or have any connections, it's still green and hot here in october, Ryan has started a job where he's gone all day and night, the culture here just doesn't celebrate the holiday in the same way, and I generally feel very stuck here when it comes to looking for and buying things like craft supplies, brooms, halloween or photoshoot goods, etc. No inspiration is coming to me and the means to carry out any inspiration I do have feel limited... So I've been looking back through my archives and reliving some halloween glory days.













I though it could be fun to share a compilation of photos I've done in the spirit of Halloween. Some photos are from New York, some from Boston, and some from Utah, all within the last three years. Some were at halloween events or locations and some were themed ideas I hatched up and took at home or nearby parks.We really did have some great Halloweens. There were so many amazing historic places to visit and so many fun themed activities- especially between New York and Boston. And I'll never take pumpkins and candy corn for granted again.

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  1. Oh my goodness, your past Halloween pictures are so amazing. I am constantly awed by your blog. So in love with all of these images! And I'm so sorry that Halloween there just isn't the same as it is here! I hope you'll be able to find some way to bring a little more of home-Halloween spirit into your life as the holiday approaches! It sounds hard to be alone in a new place with no one to celebrate with you.

  2. my faves are the broom-flying ones, but you always have a good knack for getting the macabre just right in all your halloweeeenie photos. here's sending you lots of halloween vibes across the sea!

  3. Beautiful, creative images. I don't get too worked up about Halloween, but watching Hocus Pocus is mandatory.

  4. i wrote a long comment and then it did not post. anyway, i loved that time we went to the procession of the ghouls! so much fun. maybe ill come to tokyo next october so we can celebrate halloween together.

  5. your photos always are so creative. you inspire me hun <3

  6. I love this collection of photos! The perfect blend of beautiful and spooky. I especially love the riding the broom pics :)

  7. Wow these photos are AMAZING! I've loved looking through your blog. Newest follower and cant wait for more. Do you have an instagram account??