Thursday, September 11, 2014



I meant to share this image sooner, when I was still in Utah but time got away from me. It's still timely enough though, since we had the super harvest moon combo this week, and moon appreciation is being celebrated all month here in Japan. I'm eating up the festive themed-ness of it all.

There is this rad space mural by parents' house that I've been meaning to do a photo with for a while. I just happened to already have this space-agey tacky-tastic sequin dress, and the match was made. What I really wanted was a photo of me jump-floating with the moon in front of my face, but the photo wasn't taken at the right moment and it was the end of the film roll....maybe a good reason to stick with digital sometimes for iffier projects. At least I got one useable photo!

Anyway, here's to enjoying the moon.