Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lone Pine Cabin, 2014






I'm going to be filling out the week with Utah leftovers from various cameras I used this summer (my trusty olympus om-1, nikon fe, and a few disposable fujis plus some polaroids). There might be repeats of locations from earlier posts, but they're at least different photos in different formats.

If you've been following a while, you might recognize this location from these posts: 1 2 3, etc. This is Lone Pine, on the top of Monroe Mountain where my Grandpa built a cabin. We've been visiting every summer my whole life. My cousins, sisters, and I built this fort when we were younger and I still love to visit and read/ picnic inside. These woods and meadows are some of my very favorite places, and I'll be very sad not to be able to visit during autumn this year, and probably not for the next few years either. Japan is great, but a little too far away sometimes. I'm really hoping to be able to make my first winter trip to the cabin this year though. It'll be a totally different scene that I'm used to.


  1. what a lovely set of photos! I love the first one especially

  2. Beautiful photos! I particularly love the first one. Utah is a gorgeous place. I went there back in March and have yet to post the photos! Gah!

  3. I want to sit in that fort immediately!

  4. These are wonderful. The mood in that first photo! <3

  5. oh <3 what a beautiful story! i really like this little house ;) the place is indcredible!