Saturday, July 26, 2014


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I went on a beautiful sunday drive a while back with my sisters and we happened upon a hillside blooming with alpine wildflowers. It was a gorgeous scene- mountains
all around, the sun setting behind them and leaving a glow on the tips, lush green mountain grass, and pops of vibrant colour from the flower petals. I was so sad I
didn't have any of my real cameras with me, but luckily I did have my phone.

everything worn vintage and thrifted.


  1. I can't believe these were taken on a phone! I never would have guessed.

    These photos give such a wonderful sense of 'place' that my stomach feels a little swoopy looking at those mountains and valley. I want to go there. <3

    1. Thanks so much- the scenery really is breathtaking in these mountains. I wish you could come visit! I could take you to so many cool places here and we could play so much Nancy drew:)

  2. Oh man I can't believe these were taken on a phone - these are absolutely stunning!

  3. Not only can I not believe these were taken on a phone, but I can hardly believe this place is real!! It's so incredible!!

    xox Sammi

  4. I'm soooo happy that I've found your blog again. These images are so inspirational and it's hard to believe that you took these with a phone camera, so the light might be great then. wow 💛💛

  5. Wow! So gorgeous! You find the best locations to take pictures in. I love your all thrifted/vintage outfit here too. You look wonderful!

    Jamie |

  6. These are stunning! This is something that I always wish I could come across. Where were you?!

  7. Wow, this is gorgeous! Where is this!? Alex

  8. That last photo is simply stunning!

  9. wow! these pictures are so beautiful. love the twirl in the first pic and the golden rays are just so amazing :)

  10. Wow. This place looks like a fairy tail. And your skirt is precious. :)
    Deanna | Curly Top

  11. Wow wow wow! What an unbelievable setting! Words cannot describe my envy

  12. You're basically Maria von Trapp. These are luscious.