Sunday, July 13, 2014





Playing a little more with natural indoor light and film. And fun plants. And pretty flowers. I don't wear this dress very often because it's one of those pieces that holds so much sentimental value and that I don't ever want to wear it out. I found it in a vintage store on Haight st. on my first trip to San Francisco with girl friends from college. It was a super fun roadtrip, and I think one of my favourite trips of all time, and every time I get this dress out it reminds me of those friends and the places we visited, things we ate, and fun times we had. I do wish I could wear it more often though, it's such a great print. <3 seventies couch dresses ftw <3



  1. you're so beatiful <3 i dream about photoshoot with that kind of flowers <3

  2. That trip was the best! I remember you buying some amazing dresses but did not remember this one.

  3. I also like to buy pieces of clothing or complements while travelling because when I wear them I am all the day long thinking about that good times. Love your pictures here with the alocasia leaves (they remind me so much to my grandparents house!) looking like giant natural pai-pais :) and your eyeliner!

  4. These pictures are so pretty and so is your dress. I absolutely love the print on it. The colors are super retro and gorgeous.

    Jamie |

  5. Gorgeous <3 You and your pics are always gorgeous!