Monday, June 30, 2014

More scenes from the Carnival Splendor






Here are a few more film photos from around the boat on the 'sea days' between islands. I've shared photos from Half Moon Cay where we mostly spent time on the beach, swimming, and exploring the shoreline and eating barbecue, and Nassau , where we snorkeled the first half of the day, and spent the rest exploring the city on foot, checking out the historic Queen's Staircase and old fort at the top, and eating fried fish and conk fritters with fresh daquiris.

I still have photos from Grand Turk Island to share, but those are nearly all iphone photos since the day was a little more wet and adventurous than the rest and we didn't take our cameras. The ship had some pretty areas I liked to visit frequently, like the sitting area near the ice cream, with pastel coloured-glass and tiled walls. The colours were so pretty with the natural light coming in from the windows. The glass elevators were also a lot of fun, and very gaudily designed. The promenade deck was the best place to be at sunset, although it was surprisingly cold and chilly, and the high winds certainly didn't help. I tried to suck it up though, because nothing beat walking around the perimeter or relaxing in a chunky blue rocking chair as the cotton candy sky faded and the fat bulbs lining the deck bathed everything in a faint glow.


(All photos on film and all clothing vintage and thrifted)


  1. Ahhh!! Love your stripes and pleats! *Cruise of Dreams.*

  2. These are lovely. My favorite part of the cruise I went on with my family was being surrounded by water with no land in sight. Wish I'd been more into photography then so I could have capture more moments like these. - Leah,

  3. love the first shot
    and also your second look

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  4. These are such sweet shots. Your outfit on that cruise ship makes me think of the movie The Brothers Bloom for some reason. The sweet black-and-white combo would blend right in. I love,love,love it.

  5. I was invited to go on a cruise once, but since I didn't want to be trapped on a boat with people I didn't like very much I had to decline. That said, it looks like you had a really lovely time, and I might have to think a little harder about the offer if it comes up again in the future.
    I love love love that black and white outfit. The combination of horizontal and vertical stripes takes something really simple and just makes it so much more chic and visually interesting.

  6. Your pineapple drink comment made me lol. I always wanted to go on a cruise! This boat looks so amazing. I love those chairs!

  7. Seriously, how do you make cruise ships look so nostalgic and magical? The elevator shot is my favorite, I think. I felt so overwhelmed by all the people on our trip that we didn't take many pictures on the ship, but yours are making me want to give it another go..
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

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