Sunday, May 11, 2014

Monochrome in Prospect Heights

photo 2

photo 4-2

photo 4

photo 1-3

photo 2-2

Lately it's been raining hard on days forecasted to be sunny and hardly raining at all on days forecasted to be downpours.
I've found myself touting an umbrella almost everyday this week "just in case," and this day there was an awful lot of carrying
without feeling like I really needed it...doesn't hurt to be prepared though!

We trekked around Brooklyn a bit to check out some rings at Catbird, grab some dinner at Outpost Cafe, and enjoy pretzel cones
and rice krispie ice cream at Ample Hills Creamery with friends.

photo 3-3

photo 4-3


  1. I know the feeling with the crazy weather. It's been forecast sunny but is raining constantly. always good to have a cute umbrella on stand by though

  2. I love these pictures, the colors look so good.

  3. that's my favorite neighborhood in brooklyn.

  4. You look like a spring fairy! Love the pictures, and the umbrella seems so nice that I'd carry it around, too, just in case.

  5. You are such a princess! Love the location *__*

  6. I've never seen you wearing red ( I guess ! ) and I must say this colour suits you veeery well <33

  7. I love the second to last picture--the red contrasts nicely with the green background.

  8. Cute in red (and stripey top!) Oh! Did you visit catbird? Daniel bought my engagement ring in their online store, I would love to visit it in one day because although I have never been there, it is already that special for us :) I'll make sure to eat a pretzel and an ice cream when we visit ;)