Monday, May 5, 2014

may 5th







It's hard to believe these blossoms are already gone and the trees are fully green now. I've been thoroughly enjoying these
past few weeks as spring has finally actually sprung, and for the most part, days have stayed mellow enough for no extra
layers and (BARE!) legs. The different flowers in the parks in the city are each taking their turn waltzing onto center stage
to dazzle us for a few glorious days before sadly disappearing too soon for a whole year.

It's fun to experience the stagger of each bloom- there are different parts of the park to experience fully at different times,
and different colors explosions you'll only get to see if you're in the right place at the right time. On my third year here,
I've gotten a good feeling for the timing, and my own special spots I'm excited to visit when spring rolls around. I've been flitting
about most of them already, and there are still a few more later bloomers to look forward to as well. Central Park is definitely
my favorite thing about new york city, and something I think I might miss most when we leave at the end of May. I can't believe how
soon we're leaving!




(All clothing vintage and thrifted. so excited to go to real thrift stores again soon)


  1. I love this outfit! That skirt is so pretty. :) I also love all the flowery trees. I wish they lasted a little longer!

  2. wow, there aren't even any buds on the trees here yet 'cause it's been so dang cold :/ Anyways, I love all the colors here--so pretty!

  3. This so stunning! Love the crispness of the shirt and skirt with the softness of the cherry tree. Beautiful!
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

  4. Such beautiful photos! I love your outfit. You look so ethereal!

    xox Sammi

  5. Your posts lately have been too adorable for words.

  6. It's amazing that the flowers, your hair and the skirt are same colour <3 !

  7. Beautiful photos! I love outfit and makeup. The red of the sweater and lipstick contrast so perfectly with the pale flowers!

  8. I adore this outfit!!! So gorgeous!

  9. Love this outfit! You look so elegant and I love your hair :)
    Gorgeous location also.

  10. Wow! Great photos! Fab outfit and make up! Nice location!


  11. I tried to take a jumping picture the other day and it was a massive fail. Maybe you have some magic and internal elegance up your sleeve!

    All our blossom has turned to green too quick!

  12. Oh this outfit is beyond pretty... absolutely adore it!! And yes, for us too, the blooms are all gone. Sigh! They never seem to stick around long enough!! xoxo

  13. You always capture the most amazing photos amongst the blossoms! Kind of makes me want to move east and pitch a tent underneath one of these trees.