Saturday, April 26, 2014

april 26






The other day my friend Becky and I braved the spring drizzles to explore a nearby parks' recently blooming floral scene. It's always weird when there's still no grass or leaves anywhere yet, but colorful flowers are popping up everywhere. We took some photo of each other as we wandered around and then the rain started coming down harder which made me worried for my camera, so we headed back home. It was a short-lived but worth-it experience. Ryan graduates in ONE month, which is pretty freaking soon, so I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with things we haven't done or seen yet while living here. I'm trying to soak up our last moments and make a lot of memories, and i'd like to leave this city really feeling like I've gotten to know it- truth be told though, I won't really miss it that much. it's intense and I'm so ready for a break.



  1. You are so lovely <3 Adore your pants!

  2. excellent outfit. even more excellent adventurer you. we need to adventure together soon!

  3. I can't wait for all of the flowers to start blooming here, too. I remember your gorgeous photos with the blooming trees last year and I'm getting very excited to go outside and snap some, too.