Saturday, February 1, 2014

waning light on film

I had a roll I needed to use up and decided to try a few snaps on some bloggy outfit photos since it's been a while. Thanks to my mom for walking around the neighborhood and taking them for me just as I asked her. I'm always surprised how good she is at capturing just what I was imagining. It was getting pretty dark so a lot are underexposed but I kind of like how moody it renders them.

It was nice to have some sort of creative switch up with outfit photos since I tend to get antsy and bored quick with just shots of clothes with nothing else to add- I much prefer taking the time and thought to select a good matching location that becomes just as much of a focus as what I' wearing and to shoot a whole sort of storybook with a mood instead. So I guess I've always wanted to be more than just a style blog, and more of a blog where I happen to like what I'm wearing, but it's showcased in a way that might make someone feel feelings or imagine things or feel transported somewhere for a while. But it can be exhausting and impractical to try to make every single post that way, so....sometimes I don't.

Top and shoes: thrifted
trousers: urban outfitters outlet
socks: uniqlo


  1. Love the colours of that top and how they match the background(s)!

  2. I just love the colors in all of these pictures! Lovely!! x


  3. I'm transported. I love the moody. keep moody. the trees! your socks!

  4. I love how your posts are always a little different. I love just looking at the photos and admiring. ~K

  5. It's nice that you put so much thought into the entirety of your posts -- outfits, locations, content. I wish I had the patience or dedication to be able to do that. I unfortunately get enticed by convenience and, therefore, don't put much thought into anything else.
    That being said, I love these shots so much--especially the one of you with the book :)


  6. These are incredible. And 'story-telling' photos are what I love about your blog. You are honestly one of my favourites!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. Absolutely in love with the one next to the window with a book. Love the shadows and the texture of the film roll with those. I like your more magical storytelling approach of your posts, but also the more simple ones with stunning pics :)

  8. I recently stumbled across your blog, and it's awesome! I love your style and hair.

    xoxo, Kenzie

  9. Love these! Especially the one with the books, I had to pin it :-)