Monday, December 16, 2013

First Snow!










It finally snowed and stuck a few days ago, and although I was regrettably busy with lots of projects and deadlines and couldn't spend the day outside, we were able to nip out to take some photos while it was still falling near the park closest us. It was such a beautiful day! And so exciting for everyone. We could hear kids screaming with delight as they sledded down the park hill. Others were playing in the snow banks covering what is usually a playground. Toddlers plodded around in thick puffy snowsuits- feeling snow for the first time. Dogs were having a field day kicking up showers of powder and chasing each other body-deep in the snow. Winter is so much more beautiful and bearable in New York with snow covering the parks and dusting the trees. I wanted so badly to join in the fun- luckily we'll be in Utah soon and there'l be plenty of snow there.

This is also my first time taking this coat for a spin- for some reason it's been a really long time since I've owned a black peacoat. I've been in need of a coat that actually comes to the same length as my skirts (one of my biggest gripes is when the level of my coat doesn't match the level of the rest of my clothing, and creates awkward lines or shapes accordingly-the biggest problem is coats not being long enough and dresses and skirts mushrooming out the bottom. AH.) Anyway, this coat is just the right length for a lot of my skirts and dresses hitting above the knee, so I'm very excited to have it around this winter! And it kept me surprisingly warm during the snowstorm- it's not very thick but does a pretty god job in the heat retaining department. So huzzah for an important wardrobe staple addition. The simple style goes with everything, black goes with everything, and the length goes with- a lot.



top/skirt/boots: Vintage/thrifted
mittens: PeopleTree
scarf: borrowed from ryan


  1. Such sweet pictures, I was in Switzerland over the weekend and saw snow there but we've yet to have any here in the UK
    I love your leaf hair grip, my hair is a similar length and I can't get anything to stay in it

  2. Lovely snow princess beautifully commemorated. Your work is so deliberate and patient. It's got a real peace to it.

  3. You look so cute and cozy in the snow in your new coat. Hope you're enjoying your Winter wonderland!

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! Oh! snow pictures have that magical feeling :) it even looks more gorgeous with your hair and that cute golden leaf. It's a pity that in Barcelona rhe snow is very scarce, maybe I'll have one day the luck to see NY under the snow! That is dreamy :)

  5. These are really great. Sigh, Paris has no snow. I know I shouldn't complain....

  6. Such pretty snowy pictures! I love it! You look so gorgeous. I really love your plaid cardigan and the way the green looks with your rust-colored tights. The print on your scarf is super cute too.

  7. These are SUCH beautiful snow photos-- some of the cutest I've seen this season! I love how bundled up you are!

    Xo, Hannah

  8. Where did you get your leaf hair accessory? I love it!