Wednesday, October 2, 2013







Yeow. I seem to have a serious case of bitchy resting face yesterday. I assure you I had a really nice day and was in a fine mood- I'm just one of those people......

This loose, swing shape is my favourite for dresses and coats, but it's surprisingly hard to find- especially in longer proportions. I just scored this dress on ebay and will probably be wearing it a ton this Autumn. I've spent the past three years imagining my dream coat- loose, open swing/ trapeze shape, knee-length, hooded, slim fitting sleeves, preferably in a solid colour, and actually really really warm- and hunting for it like mad all over the internet and physical stores alike. I can never seem to find anything that lives up to my dream combination within my price range, and for the past three years I've lamented not having the 'right' coat, and I'm starting to wonder if it even exists...sometimes I way too much of an idealist. I pass on things right in front of me because it doesn't live up to something I've imagined, or I'm convinced something better will come up. Trying to work on that.

But, I mean, if you've seen this coat out there somewhere......

dress: ebay
shirt/shoes/bag: vintage/thrifted


  1. My favorite thing about your blog is the effort you put into incorporating your surroundings into your photos. Each shot tells a whole story, rather than just showing off the outfit. That third photo is magazine-worthy.

    Adorable jumper, too.

  2. Um I always have a bitchface going on. Everyone always thinks I'm mad, but sometimes even when I try to smile, it looks like I'm mad-dogging the world. I don't know why . . . I love your swingy pinafore!

  3. Squeee! Dream fall colors and shapes in this outfit! Interesting you should mention your dream coat - dream items pop into my mind every now and then and turn out to be terribly hard to find. That's why I was very surprised to find my dream plaid jacket in your 'shop my closet' - totally by accident. I'll keep my eyes peeled for this kind of swing coat. It sounds very romantic, the way you describe it.

    Oh, I call it "Hatchet Face," and apparently it's my default expression. But I think your expression is nice a neutral here - I always like neutral for style photography. :-)

  4. I like this shape for coats more than dresses, but I have to admit it looks darn cute on this one. I think it's the pockets that make it perfect :)

  5. I love these colors on you!!! And they look even better against that lovely hair of yours!!!

  6. How you do it you always look so wonderful and stylish !?

  7. To be honest I was on the same hunt for months last year. While I did find a close second, nothing compares to this wonderfully sweet pea baby doll swing coat with 3/4 slim fit sleeves in charcoal. I found it while thrifting some months ago when it was scorching out. Unfortunately, I cannot wear it until I move out of Texas or the weather "actually" cools down here. Anyway, I simply adore this jumper you have on. Its lovely and seems pretty versatile. Good luck on your journey to find your perfect coat. I promise the wait will be worth while.


    Where the Water Meets the Sky

  8. Dying over this dress. I love the color and shape!

    Xo, Hannah

  9. so preppy and vintage

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  10. I just came across your blog- wonderful photos! I love your style! So inspiring! Following you now xx

  11. THAT DRESS! I want it so much!

  12. your dress is so damn incredible, I am so much loving the colour! great outfit :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming