Friday, October 25, 2013

october 25th








Fall colours are sure taking their sweet time to pop up this year in New York- well- at least in Manhattan. There's a still a lot of green leaves up all over, which is pretty and everything, but I'm getting antsy to be surrounded by red and yellow. We've had a cold snap blow through too, so maybe that'll get these slow pokes join'. Lately I've been decorating my buns off to make our apartment nice and spooky. I'll have to get around to photographing the results soon. Also, these pants have always looked black to me, and they are registering veeerrryy blue in these photos, which is news to me. I wouldn't have worn black and blue like that willingly so close to each other. hmf.


sweater/shoes: ebay
hat:street market
trousers: urban outfitter outlet


  1. Love the seagull jumper! Perfectly sweet. The autumn colours are taking forever to arrive here in London too, though I went and found some colours last weekend. I'm also just deciding to enjoy not having to get my winter coat out quite yet...

  2. You look unique just as always <3 I totally love your seagull jumper, it's so adorable so I just don't know what to say hehe <3 Totally your style <3
    Have a lovely weekend beautiful :*

  3. You look very cozy and adorable! I actually think the navy and black look good together. Darkly daring combination =P

  4. ooh, I really like this outfit! And even if the pants do look really blue in the picture I think that they still look great!

  5. You are so good looking my dear KBB. Also, I love clashing black and blue immensely so I support all the above pictures and any further donnings of this outfit.

  6. It's been exactly the same in London, but slowly the leaves are starting to turn - it's been a mild winter so far, here's hoping that doesn't mean we'll still be in jumpers and wooly hats come March!

    I wouldn't worry about the black and navy - I'm the same about these things but honestly you looks gorgeous (as always!).

  7. That's such a lovely sweater! :)

  8. Your hair with that knit hat is perfection. Also, things are still quite green here in Texas as well so I feel your pain.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  9. Loving your sweater!

    Xo, Hannah

  10. that sweater is fantastic! I also just got a red beanie just like yours. I have been looking for one for a while.

  11. oh my, your sweater is so absolutely cute! love it :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming