Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Light Spooks





Our last night in Boston we went on a ghost tour together, walking around historic parts of the city and hearing about spooky legends and haunted happenings around nearby squares, parks, hotels, libraries, and the like. It was fun and mostly light-hearted and not too dark, which is more my cup of tea anyway. The tour ended in Boston Common, which has some hauntings of its own, and we decided to hang back a bit and and make some light ghosts and long exposures. Usually I light paint with a flashlight, sparkler, or even a phone light, but this time I had the idea to actually move the camera in the shape of what I wanted, so that any light in the background would take that shape. Hence, all the street lamps turned into spooks.


  1. These photos are so cool. So perfectly Halloween-appropriate :-)

  2. Love these effects!

    Xo, Hannah