Monday, July 1, 2013

June flowers



Yeah, I know it's July already. We had a beautiful time at the family cabin last week, and I'm just getting through with the photos. It's my grandpa's cabin and land and it's in the the mountains of central Utah. I cherish my time here more than anywhere, and I spent most of the time hiking all over with my dad. We were there for the solstice, so I couldn't stop picking flowers in honour of Midsummer- the fields and woods were sporting lots of vibrant wildflowers, and they made some great bouquets. So, these photos are a little outdated since Midsummer was last week, but hopefully you can all appreciate prettiness of flowers any day. I know I can.

On a different note, this is probably my favourite jacket but it seems like I rarely get the chance to wear it. It's by far my highest crowning glory of thrift finds- only five bucks, and real solid quilted corduroy with wooden buttons- I live for these kinds of finds. And a-line coats are my favourite, but for some reason I can never find any that I'm love with.... But anyway it always seems like it's either too hot or too cold to wear this particular coat. At least in New York. The cool mountain air here was perfect though, and I'm excited to bring it camping in California as well.

It's kind of an autumny coat, and it feels kinda funny to be posting me wearing it in June when most people in my hemisphere are frolicking around in crop tops and swimsuits, but hey- any chance I can get to finally wear this coat comfortably, I'll take- and at least the Australians are wearing coats, so we can just pretend I'm hanging out there if it's too uncomfortable for you to imagine corduroy in your sticky 90 degree apartment. (not missing new york a bit. especially this time of year).

ANYway, I love how this coat looks in the great outdoors. please enjoy a good dose of corduroy and wildflowers.














Big thanks to my dad for taking photos for me, and to the family pup Ron, for being such a cupcake.


  1. Gorgeous coat! I also love playing in the wildflowers. So dreamy. x


  2. awe inspiring photos as always my dear! Dave & i tried to do 'lying down in a meadow' photos and they were the worst/funniest photos ever, i looked like a stiff mannequin! literally terrible! lol have to pick some tips from your shots :) xo

  3. Wow- this is seriously stunning! Alex

  4. This place is seriously gorgeous! I'm loving seeing somebody comfortable in a jacket because it's so stupidly hot outside right now and probably only will get worse the next two months. I want cute jackets like yours right now!

  5. I love your photos so much. What camera do you use?

  6. i had photoshoot on such meadow yesterday, those photos are amazing, you are sosososososo cute <3

  7. It's a lovely coat, and I'm still wearing one too. It never really gets tshirt only weather here. Sometimes cardigan weather, but that's about it.

  8. lovely pictures, you seem to be consistently in the most dreamy of places!
    I think most of the UK is bundled up in coats too, my raincoat is my summer staple

  9. Beautiful pictures! I love that jacket. I wish I could still be wearing one around!


  10. These photos are so beautiful! I love how you captured the atmosphere of the woods and fields, so romantic! And this coat has such a pretty colour! I still have to wear a coat too here because it's a rather cold summer ;)

  11. I'm sad to hear that you don't get much chance to wear it. I really like it. These shots are great of you in it too!

  12. Oh, and yeah, there are some chilly (but sunny) days in some parts of California during the summer--so it's not surprising to have a light jacket out. :)