Wednesday, May 29, 2013

rain, rain



It's been raining like crazy here lately, and chilly too, for May. The lighting gets so good though, I can't complain, and Utah is a desert after all, so it's a good drink for all the plants. I ran a lot of errands yesterday and was so so glad that a)even though I left my rubber riding boots in New York, my sister's same pair is still in our garage, b)they fit me, and c) I had a car to shield me during errands and could drive right up to places, as opposed to New York where you have to walk everywhere and worry about leaving one hand open for an umbrella when you also need to carry home all your erranding wares. and you end up soaking wet by the time you get home. ugh. do NOT miss that.






I'm really enjoying the autonomy driving affords- it's been two years now of feeling at the mercy of the public transport system. I've already shot two engagement shoots way out in the mountains and loved every minute of the trip out there, and I even enjoy grocery shopping at least twice as much when I know I don't have to carry everything home the whole way by myself with my praying mantis arms. I love just being able to explore wherever I feel like again. It's been a long time.

Also, I packed really light on this trip, because I had to bring all my camera gear and tripod along, which weighs a lot- so this summer you're going to be seeing a lot of the same pieces pretty frequently in my posts. I normally try not to wear the same stuff too close together....I guess mainly just because I'm a hoarder and I have enough clothes that I can....anyway, get real used to this cardigan, because it's one of two that I packed, and it's mich chillier than I was expecting. Also, also, I always seem to get saggy baggy elephant knees in leggings. real attractive. whyyy? does this happen to anyone else? and that umbrella was broken....great. so between the saggy knees, the broken umbrella, and the same cardigan in two consecutive posts, I hope you can forgive me, Blog Gods.

shift dress: vintage
leggins: papaya
boots: sister's


  1. Your outfit is amazing! The perfect outfit for stying dry in the rain and looking good at the same time!


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  2. What a cute shift dress it looks great with the cardigan. I'm also always bothered by my baggy knees in leggins :)

    Same weather here in Barcelona... it seems crazy this chilly temperature for May. Sun, please, come back!! :)

    the cat, you and us

  3. That shift dress/tunic is very cute and very flattering to you!

    I live in Wyoming, so hadn't ever thought much about it, but driving does allow you a lot of autonomy.

  4. it's raining here too.. you have amazing shoes, you all are amazing :). i'm glad you don't have to carry everything on your own... :) Aw!:)

  5. Your dress is so pretty! I think it's raining everywhere at the moment!


  6. The 1st jumping photo is perfection. Public transportation gives me the willies. I just haveto be able to escape if need be!!

  7. Aww your poor broken umbrella! At least you look super cute! I love the sweater~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  8. I think elephant knees tend to be pretty unavoidable with least in my experience with them. It's been rainy and sort of chilly the last couple of weeks where I am too, and I'm so sick of it. It was 53 degrees the other day! And it's almost June! What is this even?!

  9. You are most definitely forgiven, especially because the casual flying-with-an-umbrella shots are so cool=) And I can't believe you're moving to California, I'm sooo jealous =)


  10. When I try to take jumping photos I always look incredibly awkward, I love how poised yours is -- just like you're floating.

  11. Loveeee that vintage dress! You're like Mary Poppins and your umbrella is a rocket ship.

  12. Your shift dress is perfect. It's so lovely on you. Love the jumping shots, agree with one of the commenters above, you always look so perfectly poised in them!

  13. I think the blog gods forgive you! Especially since you look very cute in this cardigan! I love the color combination in this outfit too. This is an adorable rainy day look.

  14. Great! These are not some Aigle like yours...