Monday, May 6, 2013








Temperatures have dropped here again and tights and jackets have come out from under the bed. I tried to go barelegged here, but I was really chilly and changed into pants when I got home. I keep craving simple looks with subtle details, but my need to stay warm and continue to layer trumps my choices most of the time. I'm glad I ventured out with this outfit and got some snaps though- It's along more minimalist lines, and luckily the shirt is long sleeved and thick which is nice for this crazy weather. The cat brooch adds the playfulness I like to incorporate most of the time, while staying pretty chill about it. Also, looking at these now I realize that I should have taken my backpack off- the matching leather of the straps and my belt makes it look like I'm wear a back brace...or a harness? Let's just pretend they're suspenders and call it good.

top: joe fresh
skirt/shoes/sunglasses: vintage/thrifted
brooch: Japan


  1. The weather has brightened greatly here, hope it managed to get a bit warmer where you are.

    That brooch is a very neat little piece. The design of your glasses are too infact.

  2. Hope it warms up for you soon, we've had a rather extended spring compared to last year, which has been wonderful.

    I love how simple and classic this outfit is, and I like the addition off the backpack!

  3. The weather is sunny here too :). Sun is shining and it's quite nice here <3
    You look stunning just like always <3 I wish I had your warderobe :DD

  4. The lines of your outfits are always so crisp and clean.

  5. This longer skirt length seems unexpected to me and therefore delightful!

  6. oh my gosh! i want that cat brooch! love how your outfits always have some cute & quirky spin <333 great look!


  7. those sunnies & cat are so adorable!

  8. That cat pin is so perfect! I just love how he's coming out of your shirt pocket. Awesome classic-looking outfit!

  9. this outfit kills me! you look like movie stills from a godard film! im stealing this look FYI be on the lookout!

    plus im shaking down the internet until i find that cat pin...or shrinkie dink my own!