Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bear shirts are fun(ny)




I've been eyeing this pullover at ASOS ever since I got into my 'bears are cute' obsessions in the summertime, but could never rustle up the jimmies to pay full price fory what was essentially just a sweatshirt (ok, I know that was a malapropism but the phrase is so priceless I want every chance to use it). In January it went down 50% and I snagged the last extra large and tailored it down to fit better. Then it was so cold all winter that I was always wearing five layers, so I never got a photo. and here we are in May! still cold enough for sleeves and socks!






So there are a few reasons I was feeling a bit stroppy while taking these photos. First, the wind kept giving me alfalfa hair. Second, the wind blew the roof door shut and we got locked out up there for an hour. Third, the whole first batch of photos ended up out of focus so we had to do it all again. good thing we had that whooole extra hour with nothing to do...Fourth, it's still this cold in May (!) but at least I can wear the cutest sweatshirt I've ever owned- uninhibited, wild and free.

top: asos
skirt: vintage
socks: japan
shoes: vintage


  1. I'm with you...I am SO upset that it's still so chilly in mid-May. Are you serious, Mother Nature?! I also cannot stand wind. At all. It ruins EVERYTHING. lol. I love your skirt. It's odd because I can't ever find skirts that length, even though it seems like such a simple thing. They're always too short or maxi.

  2. You always look so adorable!

    Though, yikes, sounds like you had a bundle of trouble to get these photos to us (thank you though?!)

  3. aw, i exactly know how annoying is taking photos during windy days. but anyway these photos are so so lovely <3 i love your top :) it suits you :)

  4. This is one of the most perfect outfits I've ever seen !

    See U !


  5. cute facial expressions, and bears can be very cute in the summer. . .but not if it is in front of us. hehe.

  6. This has been the strangest weather, its warm-ish sometimes but then it gets really cold again.

    Also, BEARS! I love anything bears. This is so great.

  7. so cute!!! i love asos. gosh dang i'm sad summer is coming. i hate all my summer clothes! layers are the best!

  8. this is a perfect outfit! good for you, making the bear sweatshirt fit, it looks super cute with a full skirt!

  9. That is the cutest top!


  10. i didnt even notice the "alfalfa hair" until you mentioned it, its funny what we notice in our own photos. IMO you look beautiful! Plus that sweatshirt is as funny as it should be, was is always 3/4 sleeves?

  11. Ah, it's so frustrating when things go wrong with outfit pictures. But you did end up with some really good ones! Hehe, I noticed the Alfalfa hair, but I thought it was cute.
    I love the bear sweater!

  12. You always have the best animal attire! I get tempted to buy the wrong size and them tailor it down like you did, but I am lazy.

    The Occasional Indulgence

  13. You are so freaking cute! And I am now convinced that bears are cute! (not that I didn't already know that....) Anyway, I just love this outfit :)
    Ok, so you're going to think I'm a freak but I read your comment over on Rachel's blog and you said you're in Utah?? Do you have family here? That's where I live! Crazy!

  14. I'm glad you're not still stuck up on the roof!

  15. Aw, that bear sweater is really great! Sorry you got stuck on the roof, though. That sounds like something that would happen to me.


  16. IT's a really cute sweatshirt, you tailored is impeccably. And I'd probably cry if I got stuck on the roof in the wind. Or just be really frustrated (I've looked myself out of my apartment with nothing but my dog for an hour before)

  17. You are so so lovely! That hair color is so original and perfect for you ♡

  18. Your hair still looks ace, the colours in these photographs are spot on

  19. Oh this is one of my favourite outfits of yours - the bear is adorable!!

  20. hey bear! feel your pain about crazy wind in blog shoots and cold weather in May...really beginning to get me down now! love this outfit though, the socks manage to look seasonal! xox

  21. Love that top, it is so fun!! And I love your hair, it takes a lot to pull off a pixie cut like yours!


  22. This bear sweat shirt is definitely the best! It's such a fun color and adorable on you. That's great that you were able to alter the large to fit you. It's so cute!