Monday, March 4, 2013



guys- how awesome is this sweater!? It's waaay out of my price range, and also a men's sweater, but I'm determined to one day be able to knit myself something like it (super wishful thinking)....also I bet a fun dino pullover could be made easily with different materials, like iron on transfers, embroidery, or stitching on fabric. I'd very much like to give it a whirl. Also, I've been listening to a lot of the Land Before Time soundtrack lately, and it makes me really want to watch the movie with friends and have a little dinosaur party with themed treats and stuff. This is how I get through the winter- I make up weird things to look forward to and distract myself with daydreaming and planning. dinosaur egg truffles? tarpit milkshakes? footprint cookies? um, THESE? gotta make this happen.


  1. Yep, that sweater is pretty awesome. How great would that be if you could re-create that though? And I used to LOVE The Land Before of my favorites as a kid!

  2. Agreed, coolest sweater EVER!
    If you can pull of knitting this I'd be more then impressed.
    I got so obsessed with Fred Flaire for a bit. Have you been to their store? I used to live not far from it (in Long Island City) and would cycle down to Greenpoint to check what's new. Pathetic ;)

  3. Such a cool sweater! I loveee it

    <3 Melissa

  4. "If we hold on together, I know our dreams will never die..." I want to be invited to this dino party ps.

  5. I can just imagine you wearing this! Sadly my own knitting skills never graduated beyond making scarves - but this post is making me wish I could knit sweaters! <3

  6. Hey,
    I found your blog via Kailey twitter and I immediately fell in love with your blog <3 .
    You have such amazing face and style <3 I just can't .
    This blouse is awesome <3 I wish I had this. + This is totally YOU

  7. I love it! I saw a dinosaur jumper in Urband Outfitters yesterday but I managed to resist!


  8. have you had the dinosaur eggs oatmeal by quaker oats?!? It's amazing. when you pour in the water the "eggs" melt and reveal cute little dinos! It makes breakfast exciting.

  9. I'm all about dinosaurs. There's this awesome custom Jurassic Park dress on Etsy that I came across, and I think that I need it in my life. But that too is a little out of my price range... :\

  10. lemme tell you about the time i knit a sweater (x4)
    -yarn is always more expensive than i think
    -they are awesome, but then i feel weird in them. and never wear them.
    -only one ever appeared on the blog

    you can definitely do it. it just takes FOREVER and ever. and ever.

    i have a 2/3rd knit one I have been working on since 2008. yeahhhhhhh ugh