Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Horseshoe Bend










Horseshoe bend is a cool little detour just outside of Page, AZ. It's on Navajo land, and less known than some other nearby landmarks, so every time we go it's pretty deserted which makes for a really nice, peaceful excursion. It's basically a huge, horseshoe shaped cliff that drops straight down into the river and provides amazing views of the canyons being carved below. It's a little scary to get too close to the edge- the drop is clean and steep, but luckily the ground around the drop has a lot of layers and it's a really cool place to chill, play, picnic, and take photos. It was also the perfect day: overcast and cloudy, but still bright enough to light everything well, and there were hardly any shadows, so you can really see all the beautiful detail of the sand, plants, and rocks, and the way they delicately change color in slight gradients



This sweater is an old childhood gem I found in our cedar closet over Christmas break. It's from the trip we took to Scotland and Ireland when I was around 8, and I think this one was handmade in Scotland. With a high-waisted skirt (or pants I guess) it still fit enough, so I asked my mom if I could take it and she acquiesced. I love the little sheep on it, and the beautiful knit pattern. The neckline is a little weird, especially with my short hair, but as long as I wear a scarf over it, no one has to know... What I love the most though, is how much it reminds me of that time in my life- living in Saudi Arabia, taking lots of trips through the Middle East and Europe, visiting our cousins frequently in London, being 8 in general and loving to constantly wear binoculars and canteens because it meant adventure mode- and this trip specifically. It contains some of my very fondest memories. I was enthralled by how bright green everything was. How beautiful and misty. How everywhere we went everyone seemed to own all kinds of animals. How the owners of the bed and breakfast we stayed in let me hold and pet all their little chicks and bunnies and kittens and puppies and lambs. I was absolutely beside myself and to this day it's one of my favourite memories. that's what this sweater brings back to me. anyway, sorry, I digress- back to Arizona!








from the beautiful desert,

sweater: souvenir from Scotland
skirt/boots: vintage/thrifted
cowl: h&m
leggings: cozy boutique

and ryan's cool stuff: belt- handmade from Monument Valley gift shop/ moschino shoes (really really cheap internet sale of course)


  1. Oh, man. I do love desert landscapes. These are amazing. You guys almost look like you're green screened in the pictures.

  2. What a beautiful desert landscape! I would love visiting all of these places you've been posting about!

  3. The photos are amazing, love how you blended in well together with the desert landscape. I've actually not seen something like that in my life yet, can't wait to get the chance to do so!

  4. This post is so beautiful. What an amazing place! And what an amazing childhood you had! Ah, someday I must visit lots of amazing places in the world; it inspires me to start a vacation fund so that my husband and I can take jaunts to exotic places.
    That sweater is so adorable. And it has such a nice story behind it, too. You look lovely!

  5. Loving your Scottish sweater - yay sheep! I really want to visit all these places now. Beautiful photos.

  6. Your photos are blowing me away.


  7. My husband and I were planning a big giant road trip soon and were just going to go up north through Montana and such...but your pictures have single-handedly convinced us to go north and come back through the south! We simply can't resist...it looks so beautiful!! :D

  8. These photos are amazing! The one of you sitting on the ledge makes me nervous though! lol Love your outfit deary, great sweater!

    <3 Megan

  9. I love your photos. They seriously take my breath away! And that jumper. What a beautiful jumper!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

    the shop of worldly delights

  10. WOW. These photos are amazing! Love them all!

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  11. that sweater!! sooo amazing!
    and that view is even more amazing!!!

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  12. What amazing photos! The location is wondrous...

    How did you get the photo where your feet are dangling??


  13. These pictures are magnificent! What an amazing place to visit. I've never seen any of the scenery out west and this really makes me want to go! These pictures are pretty much amazing too. I also want your sheep sweater. Actually my sister would probably die for a sweater like that.

  14. Wonderful pictures sweetpea, you guys are so cute in such an amazing and vast landscape, how lovely! :) xx

  15. magnificent landscape and super cute sweater! love the little sheep on it ^^ i also throw on a scarf whenever the sweater's neckline seems odd and i won't take off my scarf even when i'm indoor. LOL!


  16. Absolutely STUNNING photos. I love the children's sweater and its current fit on you, and the backdrop is amazing.

    I'm also curious when/why were you living in Saudi Arabia? Seems like quite the adventure in that you sounded like you travelled (and still do) a lot.

  17. I love your coordinates as usual! Nice goat-sheep-ram(?) on your sweater!

  18. My sister recently asked "Like my sweater?" She was apparently wearing a sweater that belonged to me as a child, but I barely remember it, which probably means it was too itchy to wear. It's from Scotland, too, and now that I'm older I want to wear it! Haha

    The photos are amazing and your hair is lookin good ;)

  19. Wow...Western landscapes are always so surreal! Gorgeous photos :)


  20. What a beautiful view with the right lighting conditions :D So jealous!

  21. Absolutely stunning!!! Jen and I have wanted to take a trip to horseshoe bend so badly. We live in the desert and there is just something about beautiful places and spaces like this one that put a huge smile on my face.

    I adore your outfit, as well! What a perfect sweater story. :D

  22. The Red Rocks are amazing. Love your photography!


  23. These photographs are incredibly stunning. I also love your boots. I've been looking for a pair of vintage fringed roper boots. I have yet to find the perfect ones.

  24. I must have read through about ten of your posts in minutes! Thanks so much for sharing these moments, so so interesting.