Thursday, December 6, 2012

Starry Eyed





We got ourselves a tiny (but real and pricey) tree that wafts that lovely pine scent through our abode. We have yet to really decorate it ( we left all our christmas stuff in Utah when we moved, and I really miss my ornaments:( ) but you can bet I got lights up right away because we all know that's the best part. I could sit and stare at a lit up christmas tree in the dark for hours. I'm so glad we could get a real tree this year! To celebrate its arrival we had some frozen sipping chocolate spiced with cardamom and cinnamon. I don't tell our vitamix I love it enough.






I love the reflection of lights in everything this time of year- windows, puddles, windshields, glasses, snow, ice, on and on and on. I'd love to try and incorporate them more into my photos when I can. I told ryan I wanted to pull a Galadriel and have light clusters reflected in my eyes in every shot through December. Then life happened and reality set in, and neither of us are ever home to try it- with with that kind of precision I really do need someone telling me if everything is placed correctly. anyway, here's some light in my glasses! that'll have to do for now.


  1. The lights are beautiful this time of the year! I can't go by a house with lights without staring.

  2. Such a cute little tree! I'm jealous of the smell you get, I will not.

  3. I wish I could be Galadriel every day :( waaah. But you look far less creepy with light reflecting from your eyes than she does, haha. Beautiful photos!


  4. We had a trea like that the last few years and it always ended up in disaster because we wanted to plant it somewhere after xmas but that didnt happen and then they slowly died and no one took them to the trash and there were needles everywhere. No, not just one year, several years. Oh dear...
    I'm so in love with your glasses!

    Vanessa, Take only Memories

  5. You are gorgeous, love the reflection of lights in your glasses!

  6. I have spent many a night attempting to recreate Galadriel's eye reflection thing, but to no avail! Love the reflection in your glasses! P.S. The Hobbit comes out soon! Huzzah!


  7. The tree looks so cute! I need to go pick one up too.

  8. What a lovely little tree, and your hats are super adorable!

  9. Aww you two are so cute with your little tree and knit hats. I love your tiny Christmas tree. I've never had a real one, but a small real one is a great idea for starters! I might have to try that one year soon.

  10. I swear there has never been a more adorable couple than you two! Your little tree is wonderful, I think it looks lovely even with just the lights, but I do look forward to seeing the decorations you hang on it :D

  11. So d you guys keep your apartment cold too? Because we always are in sweatshirts and bundled up like that too at home because I keep it cold as each degree is like 20 extra dollars of energy bill I don't wanna pay!