Wednesday, November 7, 2012

rooftop sunset










It was one of those rare nights where I actually got home before the sunset. I dragged Ryan up to the roof to drink some pumpkin spice rooibus tea, and we watched the sunset over the copper rooftops of Columbia Campus. It was really frigid and windy though, so as soon as Ryan had snapped a few photos of me he vanished without a trace before I could even get one of him-and I braved the cold a little longer to witness the slow fade of light and change of colours. It was a good one.





I felt like wearing a Japanesey silhouette today, even though creating the illusion of a longer torso is the last thing I need with my gangly body. I could have tucked the sweater in, as the skirt is high waisted, which I think is more flattering on my body type, but I think a combination of the cutesy animal pin and the boots made me feel the need to recall the cute and cozy oversized feel of a lot of outfits I saw while in Tokyo. I wish I had the petite body to go with it- Japan made me feel like a giant monster at times. ha. Isn't it interesting that we can't really tell how tall anyone is from blog photos since there is rarely any sense of comparison? Photos are often taken from very similar angles to get the most flattering possible full body shot, but it's hard to tell if someone is short or if someone is tall.....or average, I guess, whatever that means. I wonder how tall people assume I am? I kind of feel like keeping it a secret now just because...


  1. I would love to a. go to Japan, and b. also have a petite body type! love this look on you, where's your skirt from?


  2. Pumpkin spice rooibus tea sounds delicious! You look just as darling as ever. I'm loving the little details on your shirt and tights. Also, the color palette is so great!

  3. Great Colours! Very well put together :)

  4. I really love your boots. And these photos! (As always...)
    It is kinda funny how we can never tell how tall/short a person is by their blog photos. I try pretty hard to shoot at angles to where I don't look too short! (I'm only 5'1")

  5. What a beautiful spot! Love everything pumpkin too :)

  6. Beautiful photos! I love your boots(:


  7. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love your outfit! What a beautiful view of the sunset.

  8. I should spend more time on rooftops!

  9. I just bought some green tights and was wondering how to style them. I love how you've styled yours and the little flower on the knee :)

  10. Love the outfit especially your boots! I'm following you now! :)

    Love, Maria

  11. Haha I definitely think it's interesting how people can't really tell heights in pictures. As long as the body proportions are about average, it's hard to tell! I've had someone tell me I looked tall and "curvy" and I was like, "No. How? That is the exact opposite of me." Anyway, I think you look super cute here! Those green tights are an awesome color and I don't think this silhouette looks bad on you at all. You can definitely pull it off!