Monday, November 26, 2012

Moravian Tower





While we were in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, we went on one little excursion to a nearby historical tower. It's referred to as the Indian Tower, but I feel slightly awkward calling it that when it was actually built and used by Moravians, not Indians. The whole valley and surrounding areas were settled by Moravians back in the day, so there are a lot of historical sites and churches remaining. ( As far as I understand, they're one of those European Protestant groups that came to America to escape religious persecution and proselyte to Indian groups)

It was a surprisingly quick drive over to the tower, although it's surrounded by open land on all sides which makes it feel a lot more secluded than it really is. It was kind of fun to climb to the top and see the valley and rolling hills below. Unfortunately a bunch of walls had been graffitied, and it wasn't the cool artistic kind. I think we did a pretty good job of strategically cutting out the unsightly stuff.












I'm starting to feel like I live for our trips out to Pennsylvania. I love the beautiful verdant hills and fields, the fresh air, and twisting wooded roads so much, and I can't believe how many cool things there are to do and see. We're so lucky Ryan's aunt and uncle are so kind to lend us their car when we visit. I kind of can't wait to move out of Manhattan. In case you couldn't already tell, I'm completely uninspired by the cityscape, and my blog and photography suffers a little too palpably when I'm stuck there for too long. I always jump at the chance to get out in the open and the wild to frolic and capture how it feels.

sweater/skirt/gloves/shoes- thrifted/vintage
tights- we love colors


  1. Love your photos and your vintage outfit :) I completely agree with your about living outside the city. Something about being closer to the naturey things that I love so much!

  2. These photos are adorable! I absolutely love your style - it's perfect! I just followed you! x

    <3 Melissa

  3. Weow, adorable photos! I'm so in love with your quirky outfit!


  4. YOU have such a lovely style! following :)

  5. That is the best sweater ever, I love the colour combo and the light in these photos.
    Also I still can't get over how cute the blode hair looks on you! :)

  6. it's funny hearing you talk about pennsylvania in this greatly positive light. i basically count down the days i can move, but it's really got nothing to do with the atmosphere - i actually find it the most beautiful place in the fall and i will miss being able to look over the valley from my apartment while walking the dogs. but indeed - i would imagine being in manhattan for too long would be hard - i am similar in that way. hopefully you are out this way again or take a weekend trip and we can meetup again - unfortunately i swear i am rarely in town (3 out of 5 weekends coming up i will be gone). anyhow. those gloves. this place. everything is amazing. but you already knew i'd say that :D

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // shabby apple gift card giveaway!

  7. It's so great to see you exploring PA, I studied and lived there for four years, but didn't have a car and mostly went camping with friend but it's great to see all the wonderful places you guys find. Lovely outfit and great photos.

  8. What a stunning location, so gothic and romantic! I love your darling peacock sweater!
    Thank you for getting back to me about my lens question :) At the moment my main lens is a 55 -200mm but I just bought a 50mm F1 1.4G lens, so I'm pretty excited :D

  9. Thank you for the hair comment :) - plus i love your red tights and jumper !x

  10. you are perfection! your hair is beautiful, the outfit is adorable and well-matched, and the location is magical! So much in love with this post!

  11. You look like you're staying warm in your cute sweater and gloves. Sweet shoes too!

  12. Gorgeous! I'm so inlove with this outfit! I can't believe most of it is thrifted, great finds. Also, what a beautiful place for a shoot. I especially like the photo on the winding stair case - simply amazing!


  13. These pictures are just too is your hair, and tights, and sweater...and shoes...and everything.

  14. I used to hate living in the South, out in the country, and wanted to get away to some big city where things were happening. But lately I really love the rural setting, with all the trees and fields and mountains.
    Love these photos.


  15. I love the jumper! great location too!

  16. What a cute sweater! And finally someone who is dressed appropriately for late fall weather. All these girls in skimpy dresses are driving me insane ;)

  17. these photos are really beautiful! and i adore your thanksgiving outfit. the peacock print on that sweater is too cute!

  18. nice outfit and great photos too!!!

    Love, Maria

  19. I love red tights and omg, those gloves! I'm personally very happy with living in the city, having grown up in the chilli countryside & hating it :) although I have to admit, it's nice to go there once in a while and relax.

  20. Love this outfit! Beautiful scenery too :) Great style, pretty lady! So glad I found you today, be back for sure!

    <3 Megan

  21. Jeez, last time I was here your hair was long AND NOT BLONDE, you look marvelous! I love this new look from head to toe, your look like Jean Seberg to a tee! Yet the adorable norwegian-esque pattern on your sweater screams editorial from a FUDGE magazine! CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE! I love it allllllll. I wish I could have a short pixie without sounding off the apocalypse...haha!

  22. i just stumbled on your blog and you have the cutest dress sense i ever did see!! totes adorns!!

  23. Theses photos are beautiful! I am completely i love with your sense of style! I cant believable i have only just come across your blog.Its so lovely to see so much of your outfit thrifted! I personally love thrifting and dedicated my blog to what i find and how i style it etc.. but i always love seeing what other people manage to find!

  24. These pictures are so beautiful and so is the location! I love that sweater! You have the best style!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  25. OH MY I'm in love !
    Everything is so perfect, I don't know where to look !!
    Each detail, each color... That's a great combination !
    I really envy everything in your outfit hehe ;)

    on Couleur Spleen.

  26. Love the peacock on your sweater.

    What in interesting place to visit (and take photos of). Thanks for sharing that.

  27. New hair! It's so cute! I also love the location for these pictures. They turned out so pretty. Your outfit is adorable too, of course. I'm pretty much in love with your sweater. The color is gorgeous.