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When my cousins, sisters, and I were younger, we had all read the book Bridge to Terabithia and were influenced enough to name a certain part of the woods after the imaginary place. We had a certain entrance between two stones that served as the portal into the'magical area' and we decided to built a fort there to be our castle, cabin, teepee, and whatever sort of shelter suited our purposes.

I think it took us about two or three days to haul and stag sticks and logs until we had something that resembled a fortress of sorts. I think I was around 9 or 10 when we built it, so it has stayed standing through 14 heavy Monroe winters, and we've only had to really repair it in certain areas a few times. Not bad! I'm really hoping it will be around for my kids to play in too. It has certainly served many a picnic, nap, story time, and play time so far. It's one of my very favourite places to visit in the world.


  1. Wow, these photos are breathtaking!


  2. Oh my gosh this is amazing! How special that you guys built that when you were kids and it's still around. At first I thought it was a massive bonfire....but I certainly hope that this never ever burns down. What a lovely story!

  3. What a dreamy dress. I love the woodland backdrop, it makes me miss Canada.

  4. I love how you're always going on adventures and taking these beautiful pictures. They always look so romantic and exciting.


  5. You have got to be kidding me. You MADE THIS1?!!? Holy crapola. This is insane. This really one of the coolest blog posts I have ever seen. Everything about this is magical and mystical, and it's such a perfect way to showcase style.

    I love how pretty and simple your outfit is, and how it doesn't look like you're trying too hard. The florals fit in so well beneath the wooden arches, and I just can't say enough how obsessed I am with this. It is really really beautiful. It looks like it belongs in a magazine as an editorial, or in a catalogue liek ANthropologie or Free People.

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.


  6. great look! your dress is adorable and looks great on you! where did you find such an amazing location!!

    if you want you can visit me :)

  7. That is a beautiful dress. I love the spot you chose to take those pictures. Beautiful pictures--as always. I honestly can't get enough of your blog :)

  8. It's one of my favorite books! You do it justice :)

  9. I never read the book but I have seen the movie. Are they similar at all? Anyway, this is a beautiful place and I love how the sticks are all up like that. How interesting. Your dress is gorgeous.

  10. I cannot believe you guys made this when you were younger, that is SO cool! These pictures are beautiful, you've had the BEST locations and pictures lately!
    x Hannah

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. I LOVE everything about this post. The outfit, the place, the fort. Amazing!

  12. I am loving these photos!

    xo Jennifer

  13. Pretty dess! So whimsical! I am your newest follower! Yay! I have a fun giveaway on my blog that I think you will like! Check it out:

  14. these pictures are really lovely and it's a million times more lovely that you and your cousins made this so long ago.

  15. Where have you been all my life? Seriously, I think I'm in love. Love these photos. xD xo. Deanna

  16. That is truly magical :) I read that book too, in third grade! Much better than the movie.... what was up with that movie?? Anyways, you have the true Terabithia.

  17. that is so awesome that it has stayed for so long! i did this as a kid too, but we built it too close to a storm drain or something in the woods and some guy came and yelled at us and started taking it down. it scared me, i still remember it. this does have a very magical terabithia feel to it that i love. and your dress in these is just downright gorgeous. this reminds me of moonrise kingdom also. and i want binoculars. i dunno what'd i do with them really, but i like the idea of them

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  18. May I ask where you bought your dress? If it's a pattern, which one did you use? It's beautiful!