Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kitsune Heart












Kitsune (keetsoonay), my blognamessake, means 'fox' in Japanese. I've always felt drawn to these creatures for their mixture of elegance and mischievousness, and the way their beautiful coloring boldly stands out against their surroundings. I found this mask on ebay, and while it wasn't necessarily a fox, I picked it up in hopes of channeling one for some fun photos.

The light as the sun came up this morning was spectacularly vibrant, and it was definitely worth getting up at the crack of dawn and suffering frozen fingers and toes for the mood and colour the camera was able to capture. I wish I could really convey what it looked like and felt like to be there at that moment, as I'm sure you can imagine how much more bright, golden, glowy, and soft the whole scene was in real life. It's one of those painfully, permanently ineffable things though. The images are what I can share.

Dress: thrifted from Mode Off, Ueno, Japan. Leggings: H&M


  1. Absolutely gorgeous colors!! Oh my gosh this makes me love fall even more than I already do.

  2. I love getting up with the sun for the sake of a good photo.
    Last night was so foggy and gorgeous outside, and I was desperate to take photos but the rain prevented me from subjecting my camera to the elements.
    I love how you dress matches the colors! another perfect photoshoot.

  3. Please, stop being so perfect. Can't handle it. Xo. Deanna

  4. Oh wow. I love the colour in these shots - you really did choose the perfect time to capture these photos. I also love learning a bit more about why your blog was called Kitsune. Adorable.

  5. These pics are so cute. You look great and I really love the quirky feel of the shoot.


  6. You really conveyed what foxes are all about it just those two words:) I love them too! And I love these pictures. What a lovely orange glow they all have too<3

  7. where did you take these pictures? they are amazing.

  8. That is one of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen and I believe you when you say it must have been so worth it to get up at the crack of dawn to experience this!

    My boyfriend and I did the same thing in Hawaii and the sunrise was simply spectacular :)

    I LOVE your thoughtful Halloween outfit and think you are so beautiful! Love your little fort picnic going on in your previous post... those blue and white teacups are so lovely too!

    Love your style!

    ♥, Jo
    {Style + Travel}

  9. This is all so breath taking! Your dress, mask, and the gorgeous setting! This photos are spectacular. thank you so much for sharing them and taking the time to take them! If only I could be there as well... The colors are just captivating me to a whole other level :)

  10. Wow I thought these photos were taken at dusk. Boy, was I wrong! The tones in these images are perfection.

    Colour Me Classic

  11. Incredible photos!!! Your dedication to waking up so early and getting ready is amazing, I struggle to get out at 8am to take photos!

  12. oh wow, i'm impressed that you got up early to take these photos, that's dedication! though i suppose it would have been worth it to experience such a beautiful moment, i never see the sun rise, haha.

    little henry lee

  13. These are stunning! You have always had beautiful posts, but you have seriously been stepping things up a good 5 notches lately! Everything is whimsical and seems well thought out and I love them all! Also, I found out I have been saying your blog name (or more I guess, thinking your blog name) wrong all of this time haha. Oops!
    Hope you're having a beautiful day & thanks for the inspiration!
    xo Hannah

  14. I love that mask, perfect for Halloween, and any other day of the year :)

  15. That mask is super awesome! I can definitely see it as a fox! Also, it always makes me a little sad that my camera never quite seems to capture how my surroundings feel to me! These pictures are beautiful, however! They definitely have a soft, golden feel!


  16. The lighting in these pictures is the prettiest ever! I just love this! You look gorgeous too, of course!