Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One man's trash...








So these are from about a month ago now, but I'm all jumbled up and behind from being all over the place in the last few weeks- Japan, New York, Pennsylvania, New York, now Utah- and somehow these got lost in the mix, which is just as well since all my recent photos are still chillin' on my trusty rugged external hard drive I tote everywhere with me.....anyways, right when we first got back to New York it was still mid-august, and very hot and humid, so we thought a beach day sounded nice. Ryan, and my friend Lizzie and I journeyed out to Dead Horse Bay to see what we could see, and we were planning on swimming somewhere else too, but Ryan left his wallet on the bus and cut the fun short- but that's a different story........

Hence my getup was just intended as a swimsuit coverup, really, and I brought my boots along to wade around the rocks and broken glass. Ryan just wore his trunks and a shirt, and I had a swimsuit, some shorts, and this pinafore thrown over. It always feels silly riding trains in Manhattan like this, but then once you get to Brooklyn everyone is heading to the beach in beachy attire, so we felt a little more at home.










So Dead Horse Bay- you might have already heard from all the other blogging excursions, but in case you haven't- is where a ton of trash from decades past has been washing up for years, because it's across the way from tons of old factories. Lots of antique lovers comb the beaches for treasures, and we went hoping to find some pretty bottles. It's pretty picked over, especially on a saturday, but we tried to get there at low tide and explore what we could. my favourite find was a tiny 1.5 inch bottle.




pinafore: pib's xchange

boots: some riding shop in France from my horseback riding days when we lived in swizerland.


  1. These pictures are so pretty and what a neat place! You look adorable in your little plaid dress and boots too. So cute!

  2. the photography is amazing! You look so sweet and innocent, and I love the boots!
    Absolutely beautiful

  3. I love these pictures! They are so pretty and dreamy-looking. And that tiny bottle is so cute! I'm always on the lookout for cute little bottles or pretty colored ones.

  4. wow... I´m ecxited every singel shot is amazing! love the look! and you defently gain a new follower!!
    greetings from Germany... Jessi :)

  5. i really like your looks and i follow you on lookbook. xoxo

  6. Looks like such a fun day at the beach! I love that dress with your boots. Too cute!


    swaney e

  7. What a perfect little dress!

    xo Jennifer

  8. I saw this on someone else's blog recently and I was so amazed! These pictures are gorgeous and I never knew about it while growing up in NJ- I wish I had! I actually like the little pinafore/ boots looks (probably because it involves plaid)!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day, excited to see more of your recent travels!
    xo Hannah

  9. Wow, such a cool and unique place for photos! I love the light leak too.
    I'm having a recent obsession with plaid lately...and I don't own anything plaid! Ahh your dress is making me want everything plaid even more!

  10. I need to take a trip out to Dead Horse Bay. I have yet to make my way out. Your photos are really beautiful and I love that dress.

    P.S. We should brunch sometime! I'm kinda bummed about our Harvest Feast getting cancelled.

  11. these pictures are really great! looks dreamy.

  12. I want rubber boots.

  13. These photos are so beautiful! Dead Horse Bay looks pretty neat, wish I was closer.

  14. These are gorgeous photos!! I really love your outfit and your wellies. It is really sad that trash is all over the place in such nice areas. My brother stepped on a piece of a broken bottle once in the ocean when we were kids. That was not a fun experience.

  15. Hi! Remember me? I only discover now this post of all beauty! Everything is tastefull.
    May I use a pic of you again, to show your look?
    You may leave me your answer in last post of my blog!