Saturday, September 1, 2012

lover's hill















We hiked to one of the most scenic points at the tip of the Izu peninsula, found an aloe ice cream stand, swam around exploring, and snorkeled. A large and apparently aggressive puffer fish bit Ryan's toes and the ensuing antics and panic probably would have looked amusing to anyone who wasn't in bouts of hysterical tears about having to swim back through the same treacherous waters to get back where we came.....yeah that was me..... you guys- the fish was stalking us. really. we were back to back in waist deep water with our masks down in the water so we could see, and this pufferfish about the size of my foot was cruising circles around us, staring us down with his beady eyes.

I was paralyzed with fear. Yeah, that's right, this animal was about 1/20th my size and I was on the verge of tears and totally panicking. Something about being totally out of your element in the water, and not being able to see or move well....anyway, I finally got the courage to high tail it out of there and I was splashing my arms and feet like mad to try and scare it away. you should have heard my breathing through the snorkel on our way all would have made for a great ridiculous POV shot for a movie.



We also found a really shallow stretch out by some seacaves where some little pools were filled with hundreds and hundreds of hermit crabs of all shapes and sizes. I had so much fun watching them crawl around under the water, and picking them up and feeling them walk around on my hand. Some were super tiny and cute.


dress/shoes: vintage

swimsuit: downeast basics


  1. Gorgeous photos! What a breathtaking view. I would love to go there one day. But that sea creature sounds awful. I don't think I'd take a dip since I do not know how to swim and the sea creature would just be a scary thing to worry about, that is what I would have to call "SMALL but TERRIBLE". ehehehe.

  2. stunning pictures!! amazing place!! love your printed dress!! so sweet and pretty!!

  3. that top photo has fantastic coloring!!!!!

    at least telling people you lost a limb to a puffer fish would be a funny story.

  4. Breathtaking! I'm glad you didn't get nibbled on by the puffer-fish. I would be way more scared of the crabs, haha.

  5. Beautiful photos! Also, I would be paralyzed with fear if an aggressive puffer-fish was circling me!


  6. These are so gorgeous! I love the rainbow effect on the edges of lots of them too. Glad you two are getting out and having some amazing adventures! :)
    xo Hannah

  7. These photos are just insanely beautiful. And I feel like, if it's aggressive, it doesn't matter HOW tiny the animal is, it can still be terrifying.