Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Things to pass the time...


So. I think I owe you all a more accurate post of what life has been like here in Japan. Lately I've only been posting photos from when we go out and do or see something exciting...which is only about once or twice a week. Honestly, most nights Ryan comes home tired from work and doesn't even want to go out, and the sunlight is gone for photos by then, and Tokyo is just way way too crowded for me to want to go out with a camera and tripod and take pictures of myself. So I know most of the photos I've been sharing have Ryan in them too, but those are just from weekends. He's really at work all day, all week. Since were are here for the awkward duration of three months and tote a tourist visa, I can't get a job in Japan. So here I am with a loooot of free time on my hands.

So what do I do with myself, by myself, in this foreign land? Well, I've done my fair share of wandering and exploring, and I've always been fine entertaining myself even since I was little, so that solitary side of me has seen a lot more action these past three months. However, riding trains really adds up and gets expensive, it's hella hot and humid outside, and after too long, it gets kind of old not having anyone to share anything with while I wander around. Not to mention I don't speak Japanese, so it's a generally alienating environment. It takes about 3-4 days of going out all day on my own before I start feeling empty and aimless and lonely, then I'll spend a recuperative day inside, working on what feels like hundreds of computer related tasks- importing, editing, exporting, uploading photo after photo and video after video. Sometimes keeping up with blogging and internet related shenanigans just gets too overwhelming and loses its appeal, and when it makes me feel like I'm about to explode I try and find another mode of productivity. Lately I've felt both overwhelmed and bored with blogging, so this is my explanation for the very spotty posting lately.

So here is how I have been spending my time:

1) drawing and painting


2) reading ( I am embarrassed to admit I am in the middle of four books and have finished none)

3)calligraphy (a fun way to study AND paint)

4)making documentaries- So far I've completely filmed two and have imported the footage, but I am seriously putting off editing.....old habits die hard I guess. The deadlines that came with film school really gave me the push I needed....and now? well. I have a hard drive FULL of jumbled footage. I was not born to edit.

5)practising piano- I grew up playing violin and never learned piano, and we have one here in our apartment so I've been trying to learn.

6) collaborative-via-internet art projects- stay tuned!

7) hanging out with my sister who came to visit!


8) cooking and baking (or steaming, rather) japanese foods.



  1. looks like so much fun! i hope you get around to editing the film soon - i'd love to see what you have shot there.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. The food looks so wonderful, how awesome that you are learning how to cook Japanese food. Thank you for being so honest in this post, it is actually quite refreshing! When I wasn't working full time, I had so much free time and its hard to know where to focus you efforts. As for reading blogs and other social media stuff... I think it completely makes sense that,now you actually have the time to read them, its lost a log of appeal. I feel like blog reading is mainly fun when I am sneaking it in between tasks at work *cough right now*, but it could get dull when its less of a nice treat or reward. Hang in there girl, you're on such a cool adventure!
    Enjoy the time with your sister too :)
    xo Hannah