Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Oh. yeah, today is my birthday. I will be starting my 24th year. It feels crazy.

please enjoy some intergalactic leo love.

lion in space


I love being a Leo. I also love being year of the Dragon (apparently I'm pretty fierce?), and I meant to get some doodles up on the subject, but I got distracted by photoshop. Maybe later!

During my 23rd year I finally accomplished the very very very long anticipated pixie cut I had been thinking about for years....maybe my 24th year will bring more hair-related goal accomplishing, like dying my hair white. I've also wanted white hair forever. Will I do it? Should I do it? I feel like I might as well since it's so short. Here's to a new year of adventure!


  1. happy birthday, hope all good thing always comes around :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Just do it!!! xoxo

  3. happy birthday!! i'm loving that first on especially - and you would look great with white or grey hair - you could always do a chalk or similar temporary thing to try it out.

  4. Happy birthday! Loving the pictures, haha. You could totally pull off lighter hair, and if it's light like that you can add in all of those fun temporary pastel colours too. I wish I had blonde hair for that. I'd totally have dip-dyed ends or something!

    Et tu, tutu?

  5. Happy birthday!! The collages are impressive, haha!


  6. Happy Birthday!!


  7. hope you had a great one! The collages are hilarious :) and yeah, you should probably dye your hair while it's short!

  8. these are AMAZING!!!!!! RAWRRRRR!!!!! also, I'm dying for you to dye your hair white. rock it, please. I love you. rawr.