Wednesday, July 11, 2012

shishishibuya 1

Shibuya is huge and crazy and overwhelming and crowded. It's kind of like the Times Square of Tokyo and I kind of hate Times Square....but something about the fact that it's Japanese makes it inarguably more cute, pleasant, and interesting. Also it's where our church building is, so we find ourselves there every Sunday, whether we like it or not.

here are some snapshots from one little afternoon of wandering through the nooks and crannies of Shibuya:


I already have a panda hat....but this one's face is I ridiculous?


some really good curry pan!


a girl wearing cat socks!


raw milk soft cream....we waited in like a 25 minute line for this- they make one batch a day and when they sell out, they close. one flavor. three options. signature tall top. amazing. this was like no other ice cream I've had.




disney store crazy walls




another great example of Japan's charming attention to detail.


Tim Burton's house? I think it's just a bunch of restaurants on top of each other- but it really sticks out from the other buildings!

and, there's way more in this neck of the woods, but I'll save that for another post:)

with love from Japan,


  1. Those cats socks are hilarious! And I love the Disney pics. Keep 'em coming! :)

    Et tu, tutu?

  2. Wow Japan looks amazing! Love your Pinnochio photo!

  3. these pictures are awesome!! haha i think you look adorable in the panda hat! i had a cat beanie for awhile so i don't think it is ridiculous! and the peter pan shadow is too freaking cool!!


    1. haha I have a cat beanie too! ....and a bear.....oh dear.

  4. Ahhh it's so beautiful and cute. I want to go to Tokyo so badly right now!
    PS your dress is lovely. vintage?

    1. Yep:)

      Also, guess what? I have, of course, developed an obsession with mister donut and their cute cute prizes, and I am currently trying to rack up the points on my misdoclub card to try and win the pon de lion doll. It's a ton of points though, and we won't be here long enough for me to possibly eat that many donuts, so I decided to try and see if anyone was selling him on ebay- but the first thing I found on my search was the pon de lion prize you are selling! how crazy! mister donuts is the best;)

  5. That looks so awesome!! I will be in japan in less than 3 day! I will sure will try it!! the icecream looks super cool

  6. How wonderful it must be to live in Japan! I'm loving your blog :-) Looking forward to more pictures! You're gorgeous by the way! Love the haircut!