Monday, June 18, 2012

Enoshima pt 3

A few last snapshots of the lovely island of Enoshima


Hako-Inu meets a scary guardian statue near a shrine. Luckily he's not an evil spirit and can chill nearby. (Hako-Inu now has his own page! visit him here:) ).






There is a spot on the island where couples can buy or bring locks and write their names on them, and then lock them on this gate to symbolise lasting union.



squid sembei! (a rice cracker snack) we got to watch them make it- andit was CRAZY how flat it got! here's a video:



with love from Japan,



  1. These photos are lovely. The gate with all the locks from couples is such a beautiful idea. And I love your dress!
    Glad to see you're having such a wonderful time.xx

  2. Your pictures of Japan are so so beautiful, I love looking at them!
    Off topic...I want to steal your dress.

  3. Lovely photos. Glad you are having a nice time.
    Almost makes me miss Japan..almost. ^^ Hih
    Rainy season there now ne. Please take care. ^^V

  4. I feel like your photography is getting more and more beautiful! I love the idea of the locks, how romantic! My mom is heading to Taiwan on Saturday to travel with a friend of hers from there, and I told her to check out your blog for inspiration! She now is having me create her a blog, so I guess the inspiration worked :)
    Safe travels!
    x Hannah

  5. That was really cool (the video of the cracker).