Thursday, May 31, 2012

Morioka pt 2

What We Did:

















We got up in the morning and biked all the way to this famous giant Buddha statue. It was the most uphill biking I think I've ever done in my life, so that was sure fun. The mountain scenery was breathtaking the whole way up- everything is SO green! It was a several mile trip, although I can't remember exactly how long, and we got lost a few times because it's pretty way out in the middle of nowhere. After miles of nothing but forest and plants, suddenly off the side of the road you can see this huge wooden gate and lots of stone statues and tablets. We parked our bikes in a heavily ferned area at the bottom and made our way up a steep snaking path lined with tablets of buddhist poetry. At the top of the hill there is a huge temple and an even huger buddha. We were surprisingly the only people there the entire time, and we enjoyed a picnic of conbini snacks at the foot of the statue.

What We Ate:


Ryan got a hot dog and egg salad bun or something and a pocari sweat. have you guys heard of this stuff? It's like gatorade here: it has electrolytes and salt and sugar to replenish whatever you're sweating out- but they didn't stop there- it's apparently designed to be the viscosity of human sweat. Somehow just not as appetizing as my mitsuya cider, a lightly yuzu (citrus) flavoured water.

More mushi pan. This brand makes the shape of Hokkaido on the top, and it tastes more like cheese than like cream. The texture is incredible. Imagine a cheesecake poundcake but light as air. oh man.


This was advertised as a 'mochi textured' danish and they had my heart. plus mini chocolate chips and swirls. um. yum.


These are little mini pudding flavoured pancakes filled with pudding (pretty much like flan or custard).

What I Wore:


shirt/shorts- thrifted, shoes-internet?

With love from Japan,



  1. I like all the patterns in your outfit :)
    And mushi pan seems like the best ever

  2. Such beautiful shots, such of like a dream land in a sense, you don't come across places like that often, I especially don't in my area! The food looks interesting, it's so different to what I'm used to. I have a similar checkred shirt that I wear for comfy days, you look great! :) I hope you have more pleasent journeys to come!

  3. a couple of things, i'm in love with your style. i'm jealous of your recent move. and last, my husband and i are looking to move to nyc, and can you help me contact a bishop or relief society president of nyc? i'm wanting to connect with some people to help me find a job and an apartment!

  4. Wonderful! Looks like your having a great time! I loved being in Japan, so beautiful! Your pictures remind take me back! :) It was very hot! I hope you have a great time! Love the pictures! :) Zoë x

  5. Ahhhh I miss Japanese food so much. Looks so yummy.

  6. we love pocari sweat!!! oh man, i'm green with envy about everything you guys are doing, seeing and especially eating!

  7. Hi, I found this place about 6 years ago and have wanted to know the name of the temple and location. Only have photos on flickr

  8. Hi, I found this place about 6 years ago and have wanted to know the name of the temple and location. Only have photos on flickr