Sunday, April 1, 2012

desert love

Being in a big city on the east coast for this long has really really made me miss red rocks, big open skies, flat, open earth as far as the eye can see, incredible sunsets, and of course, cacti. I lived in Arizona for three years, and then in Utah for five after that, so the desert really has left an imprint on me- probably for life. The dynamic scenery out in the desert is breathtaking, and something about the way it smells out there, especially after it rains, is something I wish I could bottle up and always have with me.




DSC_0345 copy










I've only had this blog about a year, so I'm just realizing I haven't gotten to share this sort of scenery with you. These are all photos taken in either Southern Utah, or Arizona, about 2-3 years ago. It's probably one of the best road trip routes there is. Just gorgeous. I miss it so much! And here is a little film I made with my super 8 camera while we were visiting Ryan's family in Mesa about 3 years ago...I think he proposed later that night, actually. It's on super 8 film and with an old camera, and has been digitized and exported enough times that the resolution has gone way down, unfortunately, but I still think the feel of the desert comes through. The band playing is The Ruby Lee, a local band from Mesa. I thought it only fitting.

p.s. In 24 hours I will board a plane for Utah and participate in the annual weeklong family campout in Moab (southern utah, where that famous arch is) I am so so so excited I could fact I might have already.


  1. I'm from AZ and I can't say that I'm really all that fond of it. I love rain, snow, and greenery with a passion. But as I've gotten a bit older I can say that I do appreciate the desert's unique beauty. Oh and that smell after the rain is THE best.
    As always, I love your blog, especially your pictures. :)

  2. I live in snowy/rainy BC, so the desert is completely foreign to me. These pictures make me want to visit so bad though!

    Et tu, tutu?

  3. That video was incredible! I always say this with your videos but the captured movement for memories...nothing beats that. Super awesome that you filmed it on a real deal older camera and the look is authentic, not iPhone created. The patience you must have! But you can tell its richness and depth in the film...thank you for sharing!

    I have never been to the desert, but I really want to go. I can only imagine the smell after a rainstorm.... And all of those cacti are so cool! How crazy that they look like that! The band with the video was perfect too. Can you take me with you on your trip? I promise to be good :)

    Safe travels to you and Ryan! Take more pictures, you cute thing! You can really see how much you two care for one another in these wonderful!

    Btw I love your plaid skirt and cowboy boots, and your plaid cuffed shorts -- your desert style is timeless!

  4. What absolutely beautiful pictures! The dessert is so pretty and so are you!

  5. Oops! Someone tripped and tore their tights! That pic is super cute, and the first one is just beautiful. I have an old school friend getting married in America next year and I'll be heading over there with a bunch of girlfriends. I'm really hoping to rally a group for a desert road trip after the wedding...

  6. Will we get to see you when you come to go camping???

  7. Nice pics, nice outfit. Seeing Utah is one of my dreams!
    I sent you a mail, the post about you is online at:
    Hope it's OK!

  8. these are so lovely. youre both so beautifully in love!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. Love these pictures and love the outfit. I am from Utah and I sure love it. My Dad is from Arizona and I love that part of the world too. These pictures made me miss it. We are going in June though, can't wait!

  10. Oh these photos are so wonderful--makes me feel like I actually took the trip with you, in a not creepy way. :)

  11. Wow, incredible photos- like a film set!
    And ouch, your poor knee!

  12. These are great photos! The scenery is so pretty!

    xo Jennifer

  13. These photos are amazing! I live in Colorado right now and really need to go on a road trip/ camping trip to explore some of the beautiful desert scenery around here! Enjoy your camping trip, I have heard Moab is just amazing!
    xo Hannah

  14. Gorgeous photos! Your outfits look great against the stunning scenery.

  15. These pictures are incredibly pretty. Such nice desert scenery. I'm loving your super 8 film too.

  16. are some of those in antelope canyon? love seeing these, reminds me what i'm missing being cooped up studying/working so much. absolutely beautiful pictures, as always!! that camping trip sounds amazing too!