Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Treats







When I was a young'n, those seasonal little debbie zebra cake heart things were just about the most enthralling thing ever. They only showed up in february, they were pink, they were tiny, they were cute, and they had so many layers! our grocery store used to have a big plate of them out at the front for customers and I remember finding it so enchanting and savoring every bite of these fun magic cakes. They felt like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

Then I grew up. I forgot about them. I didn't have them for years. and I rediscovered them as a college student and realized how crappy they were and became a bit jaded. So last year I decided to make my own version of them, with dark chocolate, angel cake, custard, and strawberry compote. the results were pretty great, and I think I'd like to make it a family tradition! sorry, I don't have a recipe to share- i rarely follow them and usually just make things up as i go, but the photos are pretty self explanatory, and the components aren't hard to find recipes for:)


  1. they look so simple yet yummy! I'd like to try to make it myself :D

  2. Those look so good! It's a bit sad when you remember something you used to love as a kid and realise how awful it was once you grow up.
    I love how you're wearing matching shirts, haha :)

  3. These look so good, I haven't heard of them before but they remind me of a wagon wheel. I would love to give them a go sometime soon! Thanks for sharing!

  4. YUM! I think that I will make those.
    They look delicious.

  5. These look super delicious!! Happy Valentine's Day!

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  6. Whoa, these look super delicious :) Is that cake or bread?

  7. A) I ADORE your matching plaid together
    B) You have NO IDEA how much my tummy is rumbling for those right now! I will definitely try to make these someday! They look deeeelicious!
    C) A grocery store treat at Valentine's Day sounds awesome.