Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bundling up






pretty simple, pretty casual. I think this entire outfit cost me about $12 dollars. That is a satisfying feeling. Also, I'm actually excited it's getting colder now so I can finally get some mileage out of my cozy knit accessories and coats...coordinated LAYERS....which is my favourite. I like looking like a bundled pixie for some reason.

outfit details:
coat: thrifted
hoody: forever 21
dress: vintage/thrifted
gloves: ?
socks: target
shoes: vintage/thrifted

ok, ok I have to admit it. this photo is SO not from today. It's like, months old, but appropriate and fitting for the weather now, and I'm too busy for outfit photos today. surprise!


  1. Okay...those colors, blue, olive, and grey/white, are stunning together!! And I love when an outfit costs less than $20!! Proof that thrifting and vintaging are the way to go!! :) Loving the light in these photos too!! Stay warm always, pretty!

  2. Cute coat! I love outfits that are budget-friendly :) The dress is adorable too!

  3. It's funny that it's finally getting cold in February. It's been kind of nice not having to trudge through ice and snow, though! Also, very cute outfit! I love the shoes and the dress!

  4. What took you so long to upload these? They're cute!! I love the jacket.

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  6. Haha I always end up taking outfit photos and only posting them months after ><

    Those knee high socks and loafers remind me of Japanese street style! :)

  7. So so so adorable! <3 I love the socks especially!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  8. The color combination is great and I love all the layering. No matter if this photo is months old, it's definitely a win. =)

  9. haha! i rarely post my outfits on the same day i wear them.
    but i'm loving the knee-highs
    and the print on that dress looks pretty swell as well. :)

  10. Into the socks and shoes look. I like a lot!