Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scenes from the Break

Okay! So we're finally back from Holiday Break! I know this might seem unforgivably outdated to some of you, but since I'm still pretty new to this blogging thing, and since this is my first time dealing with a long, important vacation, I'm just gonna play the newbie card and let it slide.....leading up to Christmas when we were in New York, Ryan's brother Kevin came to visit so we spent all our time with him. Then I flew to Utah and spent some much needed and appreciated time with my family. So blogging took a big back seat over the Holidays, but we of course, took photos. so here we go. round one.



It was pure coincidence that I just happened to wear this rather santa-ish looking coat on a saturday back in December, and we just so happened to visit Grand Central Station, where there was a huge santa meetup/ parade thing. christmasmagicserendipity.



I made a lil lo-fi time lapse video here, you can see the station just starting to fill up with santas, but it got crazier and crazier!


pretty nuts, eh? then even after we left Grand Central, they found us again at the Library with even MORE santas! someone even got proposed to in the middle of the crowd.....dressed as santas.




This was my favourite of all the Christmas trees we saw- at the Library downtown. It was so tall and skinny- we couldn't even get it all in the frame- and it had just the right amount of snow and pine cones so as to look pleasantly woodsy but not tacky. and little wooden owls!

outfit details:
coat: thrifted
boots: vintage
sweater: vintage


  1. ahh you at Santacon!! What a co-ink-ee-dink :)

  2. These are super cute holiday photos! Since after Christmas is kind of a letdown, it's nice to reminisce with pictures, so thank you!

  3. I love Santacon. They have one here in San Francisco- lot's of drunk Santas at 10 AM. Beautiful photos!

  4. Haha. this is awesome. Definitely made me smile :)

  5. that looks so awesome! wow what a scene haha
    hope you can join my makeup giveaway!


  6. Such beautiful photos, love the festive mood! Happy new year!

    Ash :o)

  7. wowzer! Who knew Santa had so many lookalikes :)

  8. I love the pictures! And gosh that's a lot of santaclauses! :) :)
    The pics make me happy and you look pretty!

    happy monday!


  9. Welcome back and days where you just run into something cool like that are the best. I've seen these folks running around midtown in the past. They sure do have a blast!

  10. Haha I love how you wore that coat that day! You seriously look so adorable though. I also love that video! i have never been to grand central station, it seems incredible. What a pretty tree too!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  11. this is ridiculously adorable. your outfit blended in so well it's like a well done where's waldo amidst santa.

    you and your husband are beyond cute together.

  12. Epic! Really enjoyed the video and the cardigan is perfection but also not that Santa-y at all!! <3