Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Adornment


This is a post of many colours...and by that I mean there are several intents? facets? things to see? and, just literally, colours. festive colours! First off, item of business number one ( just can't seem to lay off the puns today) is to review/ show off this bracelet Anjolee Jewelry sent me. I was allowed to pick out the style and color of my bracelet, and I decided to go with this one:



I picked peridot for my gemstone of choice, first because it is my birthstone (raawrrr, Leo's), second, because it would match the vintage peridot ring Ryan surprised me with for our one year anniversary (he buried it in a box in the backyard and had me go through this elaborate treasure hunt to find it....which involved getting boba drinks at our favorite place and having the shop owner plant a clue on my cup- seriously, straight to my heart) , and thirdly because peridot is green, and if I chose to pair this jewelry with red, I'd have a christmassy post on my hands.

and so here comes Christmas in New York, you guys. Post vibe number two. I took this lovely little bracelet out for a spin to the most festive place I could imagine. Welcome to Rockefeller Center.

Christmas Windows!



Lights! Trees!






I couldn't be more delighted with this darling little bracelet. The light green peridot catches the light and sparkles so nicely, and I love how well it goes with my ring! I really like that even though it isn't vintage, it definitely has the delicate, timeless feel I look for in jewelry to match my clothing choices. The clasp is incredibly sturdy and intricate too, which is great because I don't feel like I'll ever have to worry about it falling off. I also tend to like very thin jewelry, whether its a ring with a very thin, delicate band, or necklace with an almost invisible chain, and this bracelet is the perfect thickness for my liking. I love how much it classed up my whole outfit for the day!

and look how well it photographs with the Christmas lights!





Anjolee's website had plenty of other options to choose from. I was eyeing the classic diamond bangle bracelets for their elegance, but there was also a more casual looking bangle bracelet section. I'm really happy with the gemstone bracelet I picked out though. I love having a classy birthstone bracelet to match my birthstone ring, and I had so much fun pairing it with a dark velvet dress and red tights and lipstick for a classic holiday feel. So lucky the weather allowed me to cavort around without a coat!

outfit details:

Dress: vintage/ pib's exchange
cardigan: ?
tights: h&m
shoes: forever 21
bow: DIY
ring: vintage/ gift
bracelet: c/o Anjolee


  1. THESE PHOTOS ARE SO PRETTY!! I love the twinkling lights in the background. ALSO - I almost died of cuteness when I read about the treasure hunt that Ryan had you go on. That's so cute! ANYWAY, we need to chat sometime, I want to hear all about your life in NY, if you're going to school now, if you're going to move to Japan next year, etc, etc! E-mail me when you have the chance!

  2. You look so pretty, and those picture are amazing. I love the matching red on your tight with an adornment in background.

  3. These pictures totally get me all Christmasy! Love them! and your red tights with the black and white and those great oxfords really make it pop! Love this!

  4. These photos are SO pretty. I love all the lights twinkling in the background. Your bracelete is very pretty and I loved hearing about the story of your ring. Cute!

  5. Love your photos! Thanks so much for sharing the christmas scenes of NY! Love your outfit, the mix of velvet and lace is gorgeous!

    Ash :o)

  6. beautiful outfit! so season appropriate. I just love it! Amazing pictures as always too. NY looks like so much fun. So many little adventures and things to do there it seems. Keeps your blog posts so interesting. :) Awesome bow too! you did a great job on it and was a perfect little accessory for your outfit. :)

  7. love Christmas displays in NY. and your vintage dress is so cute.
    have a Cupcake sweet Monday!

  8. These pictures are making me so excited for christmas, they're beautiful! I love that outfit with the red tights too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  9. This is gorgeous, I really love the bracelet. The red & green look great without being overkill on the Christmas theme. I got really confused when you mentioned Peridot, because I'm also a Leo and was always told the stone was Ruby. So I was like 'Oh snap have I been wrong all my life?' But the internet says that Ruby is for July births and therefore still applicable to me ;)

  10. Okay, that's it... Time for me to be wearing my red tights RIGHT NOW! You look way too cute, and I need to copy you haha. That bow is really cute too.

  11. Oh my goodness, the story about your boyfriend's anniversary treasure hunt is the cutest thing ever! I too love Boba tea and used to go to a place in South Street Seaport. I need to drop some hints to the bf that he better step up his game!

  12. I love the ring and the little green bow. I also love the photo with the fountain & train. So colorful and pretty! Happy holidays in NY.

  13. sweet photos, don't you love all the christmas ornaments around ny. i took the very same photo but it was at night and crowded with tourists. that dress is so cute!

  14. okay so i love everything about this post.
    and i need to be in new york right now.
    it's decided.

  15. They really sent you a nice bracelet, I did a review for them back in the summer, I was very impressed by the quality of the bracelet, I love your pictures but I have such a hard time loading them on my computer since they are so heavy.Luv your outfit so cute as usual :)

  16. Oh, these photos are so wonderful! I'm hoping to do some New York Christmas things like seeing the Christmas windows and such this week!
    Also, that dress is lovely on you :)

  17. oh my gosh, you looks so beautiful in these photos!! and that bracelet is a beaut, love how delicate it is :)

  18. You look adorable and I love the festive setting for these pictures! Such a pretty new bracelet. It looks really nice with your vintage ring and that super cute dress.

  19. Such pretty photos, I love that there is so much Christmas in them - that store window and train are absolutely adorable!! And I love your outfit too, those tights look gorgeous with your dress. As for the bracelet?! Stunning choice, I love peridot and your ring is a stunner as well. Happy weekend, love. xo veronika

  20. You can't imagine how delighted I am with the colors and lights of your photos :) Everything is so beautiful, including your bracelet and lovely dress!

  21. I adore this look so much, I love how the red tights make the whole outfit pop...and your bracelet is very pretty too xxx