Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halls of Weens







Happy Happy All Hallow's Eve! It's a little rough having halloween on a monday- Ryan didn't even get home from school until about 8:10, and I had been running errands all day so we made up some very impromptu costumes on the spot to save money and time, and ran out the door to join the crazy huge annual Village Parade.
I knew I had this dress hanging in my closet that I could swing to look like minnie, and instead of making ears, I just used my hair. Ryan had a hard time figuring something out, but luckily we had both already made some plaster masks with our cub scouts last week, so he just wore that, and he sure looked creepy and got a lot of comments.

The streets were so crowded and filled with tons and tons of crazy costumes! it was fun to be mingling with other people in a festive mood. I ran into a little girl also dressed like minnie and that made my night:)









dress: vintage/ pib's change
necklace: antique/ great grandma's
boots (for comfort walking): thrifted
scarf: vintage
gloves vintage/ grandma's

Happy Halloween! What did YOU do?


  1. you look adorable and ryan looks scary indeed, great halloween look!

  2. Those are very cool last minute costumes. It looks like a lot of fun in NY around Halloween!

  3. Fun! Looks like a great night!

    Loving your costume :) so cute!

  4. How cute are you?! :)


  5. You guys look fantastic and scary respectively. Love the hair as ears. Very cute.

  6. What a great event! You look lovely, I love the dress on its own!

  7. Love Halloween ! Hi! I am new to your blog. Loved it! Have a Cupcake week;) http://gonchagoncha.blogspot.com/

  8. Your costume is too cute - I love! Happy Halloween ^^

  9. LOVE your dress, and your costume does not look last minute at all! Adorable.

    ♥ LW

  10. You seriously have the BEST costume. And that picture of you at the little one- pretty damn cute. It looks like you had quite a wonderful evening filled with Halloween shenanigans!

  11. I like the hair ears, it looks like a fun night

  12. What an adorable Minnie costume! The dress is perfect for it!

  13. Such an amazing costume! I was a last-minute Minnie too, but a much worse one than you.