Tuesday, September 6, 2011

that's right....more ice cream. and forays into brooklyn!

What I wore:

Top: thrifted
Skirt: vintage/ thrifted
belt: thrifted
shoes: Ross
bag: grandma's

What we did:

We met up with Ryan's cousins in Brooklyn and hung around the Brooklyn Heights/ Dumbo area, with great views of the bridge at sunset, a lovely park with a huge war memorial monument, and two great food joints, Jaques Torres and Grimaldi's.

oh, here's a cool thing! HBO bought out a 1920's train and put it on the express tracks where we live to run on weekends and we just happened to be able to ride it! It was so charming! the seats were cushioned and not hideous, there were incandescent bulbs hanging from the ceiling, and everyone in the whole car was smiling and interacting and taking pictures. This kind of behavior NEVER happens in the subway, and it was a really nice experience. wish we could ride it all the time!

The Train is a giant commercial, or promotion I guess, for their upcoming series Boardwalk Empire. here's a lil stop action I made of it:

What we ate:

Ryan and I split a frozen hot chocolate with house made caramel in it, and then next door at the ice cream parlor I had a hard time choosing between the cookie sandwiches and a cone of salted caramel. They only had waffle cones, and we've become pretty great at making our own ice cream cookie sandwiches, so I got the cone.

I don't know why but I can't seem to get enough of ice cream lately. I used to not really care about it at all, especially after working at a creamery, but our trip to San Francisco and our sampling at Bi-Rite changed my life and now I am constantly on the hunt for really well made ice cream in interesting flavors. I think this week alone I've eaten 70% ice cream and 30% real food every day. I can't stop... when it's made right it's sooooo good and this city has so many well reviewed places I want to try!


  1. Kathryn it looks like you fit in so well in NYC! You are adorable. And eat lots of interesting ice cream for me, ice cream in Japan is quite bland :\

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos, lady! Absolutely always in love with your images. And you're looking lovely and demure as ever. <3

  3. OMG! These photos are awesome! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. This post definitely has me craving for some ice cream

  4. awww your blog is too cute!

    :) loving the pictures <3
    looks like you had a great time

    i am dying to go to NY!
    did you have a good time in SF?


    i would love for you to follow me <3

  5. these are really beautiful photos.
    you look so happy! that skirt is absolutely perfect..
    i am ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect vintage (long) skirt.
    have a wonderful week love.

  6. I just found your blog I love it :) Its so beautiful and vintage-y. These photos are amazing, love the ice cream one X x

  7. Your skirt is such a gorgeous shape, love this classy outfit!

  8. That ice cream looks so tasty. And frozen hot chocolate is delicious!

    Your outfit is so cute and simple with the white skirt and striped top. Love it

  9. cute pictures and outfit! love the stripes with white skirt!

  10. there are so many things to love about this post, i don't even know where to start! your skirt is just about perfect - the length, cut and waistline are all so flattering on you. your experience on the subway sounds so delightful. i lived in new york for a bit and can't recall a time i was ever thrilled to be on the subway (well, after the novelty of it wore off, at least). bi-rite in sf! i'm moving to sf next week and keep thinking of things that i love about the city that i'm excited over. being able to do my shopping at bi-rite is definitely high on the list.

  11. Great post. cool look. i Hope you check out my blog.

  12. Great post! Love your outfit and your images!


  13. i love the fact that the whole outfit has been thrifted! you have great taste and amazing choices you had there! i love vintage! Even the photos have a vintage vibe going on here...cool blog! :)


  14. You always look so charming, I love the stripey top wit the skirt. I like ice-cream a lot but I'm usually too conservative with my choices of flavour, the salted caramel sounds interesting though.
    The old train is amazing, I'll definitely try to catch it when I'm there later this month :)

  15. Nothing better than an accessory passed down from Nana! Lovely post. So whimsical. I adore your style. Gonna' have to follow, for sure :)

    Stay fabulous!
    Hugs, D

  16. Oh boy, glad you're appreciating ice cream now, it certainly bring light into my days haha. Loved seeing all the pictures of Brooklyn, it looks so cool, your pictures are very pretty, and looks like the day was tons of fun! Adorable outfit too, you look great and I esp love the one of you eating ice cream : )

  17. I love dumbo! wish I would afford living in that area. everytime I have visitors I take them there to eat at grimaldi's and get dessert at jacques torres. btw, if you like jaques torres there is one on the upper west side on amsterdam between73rd and 74th street. that's the one i usually go to. btw, lucky you got to ride that 1920s train! have you been to the Transit Museum? If not, you should. They have all these amazing old subway trains ranging from the turn of the century to more modern ones. I think you would really love that place. it's in brooklyn. one more thing, I love your blog! audrey told me about it and I finally googled it. thanks for hanging out tonight. Lets hang out more. xo

  18. This is a very sweet look for a day out, and the train sounds awesome. I can't stop going out for ice cream... I think my winter coffee habit is slightly less destructive!