Monday, July 11, 2011


oh. my. goodness.

Four days have gone by and everything, EVERYTHING, has been insane. in. the. membrane.

I don't even know where to start. I've taken pictures everyday, but we don't have any working internet, so I've gotten super behind in my posting, and every day and it's pictures contains story upon story and I'm worried the longer I wait, the more stale and more difficult to recall the stories will be. I don't want to make just one giant post dedicated to four days though. overkill.

so I'll be posting sporadically when I find myself somewhere with free, working internet, which won't be terribly frequently, and these photos and stories will be wildly out of order. probably.

Post Modernism can be my thing now I guess.



outfit deets:
top and skirt and shoes: thrifted (DI)
yes, that shirt is covered in 3D pearls. for a dollar. I KNOW.

See if you can guess what happened todayday:
a) I got Sun Stroke and nearly passed out in the middle of the Bronx.
b) I purchased something from McDonald's for the first time in six years. and I LIKED it.
c) I carried a heavy wood futon frame five blocks to our apartment.
d) I went to bed at 5AM!

answers will be posted tomorrow for no particular reason and feel free the skip the text if you just don't care.

oh and here are some things that DID happen the day I WORE this:


we traveled to Brooklyn to hang out with dearfriendlizzie at the flea market.

'flea market'


I was so excited to go to a real big city flea market, because, well, we're new and poor and need cheap crap to fill our apartment with. This place/event was a sore disappointment. There was virtually nothing under $70! luckily we found the dough booth and had a dulce de leche donut, and a blood orange donut. wow. that somehow made it all worth it.


Here is my proud booty from the flea market... this juicy story will be brought to you soon.


  1. I guess... B!! Oh goodness, all those seem likely, but I just had to pick one.

    And I absolutely adore that pearl top! I'd get so careful with it, especially that I'm a clumsy person. If I were to wear it, I know I'd probably accidentally rip out 10 of those pearls. But you look darling in it. :)

  2. Oh, wow, that TOP! It is so beautiful! The first (okay only) time I went to New York City, it was in the summer and I got sun stroke. I have never had that happen any other time in my life, and I live in a warm climate, but the heat/humidity combination in NY is sooo bad. Good luck with the "cheap crap" hunting!

  3. Yeah, those flea markets are so expensive! I haven't been to the Brooklyn one, but I've been to the Hell's Kitchen one and omg! The prices! Vanilla soft-serve: the only good thing at McDonald's.

    North Meets South

  4. Welcome to NYC! I knew you were moving but didn't realize it was to NYC if you have any questions feel free to email me. Honestly the best flea markets are in small towns. An hour north of NYC there are cute little towns in the Catskills and Cold Spring, NY has sweet little antique shops and markets.

    Your outfit is supercute! I love the beading!

  5. haha I'm so with you on the cheap decor!! I love your style. sorry to be annoying, but i just stumbled on your blog and saw you have a store! If you want to avertise, this is my first month accepting sponsors and i'm doing it super cheap and i'd love to promote you! check out my post today for more info!

  6. Yeah, a lot of our flea markets aren't all that awesome. You might want to look @ local thrift stores instead...or Craiglist. Be sure to look for signs of bedbugs though!

    And YES. It's disgustingly hot and gross here. I just got back from vacation and was seriously like "Why the hell do I live here again?" when doing my morning subway transfers.

  7. i love that white skirt! i think maybe all those things happened in your day :-)

  8. Can't believe that shirt was only a dollar! It's amazing! xx

  9. oooh i just love your blog layout with the little fox sketches! lovely outfit :) xo

  10. Way to totally get that "insane in the membrane" song in my head. I don't think I've heard it since my brother played it on repeat in say 1992? 1993? whenever that was. I've had sunstroke in the city before. I get sick EVERY time I go to NYC. . .which I live only 20 mins from it. Don't know why.